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The Silence of Hope

Writing New Songs Finally!!!!!


Genres: Acoustic / Emo / Indie

Location: Wellington, FL

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4 tracks

Members: Chris-Guitar/Vocals

Whats up guys my name is Chris. I am 21 years old and a singer songwriter from west palm beach Fl. These songs will only be up for about a month so if you want them u better download them asap. Now remember these are all songs that were recorded in a period of about 3-6 years ago. i will be removing every single one from this website and deleting my account in about a month or so. Only to be re recording and taking them to a whole new level. I am also going to be writing new songs. you will not be disappointed! I am also going to be changing my name to "Air and Water" . I know it has been too long since i have made any changes to this site and i apologize to all my fans for that. Thanks again for your support.

Chris Johnson

The Silence Of Hope consists of:



  • Neon.commando said:
  • I X Heart_You said:
    you are amazing! Jan 09
  • jordan "downtown funkystuff" malone said:
    i really like you dude..you got a future and ive been following you the past few months looking for new updates...im in a band and i play drums and guitar..ive been thinking about playing some acoustic side project stuff...do you like being solo?? how do you record your stuff?? if you got back to me with answers thatd be really awesome and id appreciate that very much always a fan, Jordan Nov 23
  • MCRchick91 said:
    Hey Chris. I really like your new stuff. Havent talked to u in a while. just stopping by to say Hi and how much i like your new songs. Nov 12
  • Foureyedramageek said:
    wow, who would have thought the quiet guy in the back, can play. I love it chris. I\'m still chuckling about the back that thing up thing. Nov 03
  • ilostmybones said:
    I Oct 06
  • tamarackjh said:
    WOW! Dude I totally love what you are doing. Consider me your newest fan! Love and scooby snacks! Oct 05
  • MCRchick91 said:
    hah i love ur muic soooo much Sep 12
  • MCRchick91 said:
    hah i love ur muic soooo much Sep 12
  • Recycled_Phrases said:
    whoaaa. you look wayyy different. (even better, haha.) oohh, youre still on my converse. (if you even remember that, its been like a year or more, haha.) Sep 11
  • plain-white-ts-me-please said:
    hay! i think you\'re copesetic. xxx, kendra Jul 17
  • MCRchick91 said:
    I LOVE YOU haha UR MUSIQ KICKS ASSSS Hope~A~Lope Jul 02
  • jenn walsh. said:
    =] Jun 03
  • The.Bassist.Of.Your.Nightmares said:
    You\'re amazing. You\'re so good !! May 06
  • HxC_emo_girl_2010 said:
    holy crap. im from a town called wellington too! May 02

The Silence of Hope

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Darkened Skies

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