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ok i guess its time to say something here... my name is Steve, i am the Sik one. i have been doing this music thing since 1995 or so... since then i have been working with mostly the game group of guys with a few additions and subtractions over the years... the credits are as follows: Zak Sliwinski (mysta z) Denny Ullom (deeboy) John Spalek (the CWB) Jeff Sago (Jeff sago) and Bobby Jones (Bobby Jones).All of the fore mentioned people have had input over the last long while ranging from a lot to a little. Along with myself we have all been responsible for beats, writing, samples, instruments, production and engineering and anything else involved with all this crap that we love.... the music you hear on this page is being presented in a strange fashion. We have gone by many names over the years, starting with paleface in 1997 and moving through D.S.B. , shades of gray , Triple Sik and about a million other ideas that did not stick. it seemed like every name we picked was either taken by someone way more popular, or it sucked, or both. So what we have here is failure to communicate ( just kidding ) What we have is a lot of damn music being released all at once in the wrong order with no name, so here it goes: the last call record ( the first one i posted ) is my first solo record ( with some guest shots by a handful of the folks i mentioned earlier, with the addition of Santi The Dawg and my little girl Arika Lyric on the song "rewind" she rocked the hooks go listen if you have not) All of the other material i have and will be posting on this page was a group effort by all these fine gentlemen. I am posting from newest to oldest and hopefully when all is said and done, the last thing i post will be the first stuff we did. Make sense? hope so. to avoid confusion i am just putting all this stuff out there under the Sik one name for all to enjoy. so, ENJOY!!!


  • Sabrina said:
    Not too shabby! I like Only a Man best! Stick with the old school All the new rap sucks! Good-luck! Oct 28
  • Sago said:
    Good Shit! Jul 06
  • Brian said:
    I really like the music/beat in the backgound of Lonely Tears. Jul 03

last call

Jun 01, 2010

Jason Spalek

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