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  • toms said:
    halo apa kabar.. Mar 23
  • Samantha said:
    I've loved this band since I first heard "Temptation Come My Way", 4 years ago! You guys should play in Arizona... Jun 09
  • Makenna Wolf said:
    I love it! Awesome!! Apr 04
  • Imagine((; said:
    "The Man Named Hell" truly the shiit(: yew guys soud a little like Job For A Cowboy Feb 20
  • ;;DropDeadGorgeous-. said:
    o: I Love Your Music c: Feb 03
  • Ryan Downing (AWDF) said:
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  • iPowder said:
    one of my fave albums this year!! and all-time fave bands! Dec 05
  • Pat Powers said:
    hi if you like Experimental/ progressive rock , check out my Band "Fade Reosrt". i would really appreciate it Thanks :) and let us know what you think too!!! Oct 29
  • Taylor! said:
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  • Sam Foote said:
    pretty cool band Aug 29
  • Tihago said:
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  • s[he] be[lie]ve[d] said:
    like it =) Aug 25
  • WayneB said:
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  • Jeffreyisonfire said:
    just bought your new album! i'm stoaked Aug 24
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  • justo said:
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  • Snuggleblade said:
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  • leon said:
    free downlod song..plzzzz Aug 23
  • kayEvn said:
    eargasm! so guys rock! Aug 22