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The Seed

The Seed will be touring over Europe on March '11


Genres: Metal / Death Metal

Location: Madrid, Spain

Stats: 0 fans / 57 plays / 0 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Koko - Guitar & Vocals , Sam - Guitar , Sergio - Bass , Acaymo D - Drums

The beginning of The Seed took place on January of 2006 when Alberto (drums) and Koko (guitars) met and decided to start a project influenced by 90's & 80's metal bands like Pantera, Sepultura, Slayer, Metallica, Machine Head... Later, Sergio (bass) who played with Koko in the death metal band Uruz, joined the band.

The Seed started making music lacking of the right vocals , but the duty of getting the right singer to fit the band became a living hell. So The Seed decided to try Koko as vocalist and lead guitarrist. As a trio (Alberto: drums, Sergio: bass and Koko: guitars and vocals) The Seed recorded their first demo "Demonsterations" in 2007.

After recording "Demonsterations" Alberto and The Seed parted ways, so the band was incomplete again. After a year of trying lots of drummers, Furni (Avulsed, Terroristars) entered the band replacing Alberto, adding a new level of heaviness to the music.

With Furni at drums, Sergio at bass and Koko at vocals and guitars, The Seed played a couple of killer shows and began recording what will be their first record "From Nowhere To No One" (2009). At the end of the recording process Furni leaves the band because an old injury on his back, that led him to stop playing drums and focus on guitar playing.

Right now The Seed have released "From Nowhere To No One" and new members have joined the band: Acaymo D. on drums and Samuel on guitar.

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From Nowhere to No One

Jan 01, 2010