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The Sax Offenders


Genres: Ska / Metal / Punk

Location: Avondale, PA

Stats: 1 fans / 0 plays / 0 plays today


Members: Mike, Trusko, Danny, Travis, Ryan, Candace, Joe, Guybird

WE ARE THE SAX OFFENDERS. We play ska with a metal twist to it.

And the starting Line-up is.........

Mike Lloyd- Guitar Prodigy
Robert Trusko- Bass
Danny Poland- Vocals
Anthony Reuter- Drums
Ryan Molitoris-Trombone/back-up vocals
Travis Henderson- Saxophone
Candace Lohr-Trumpet/French Horn
Joe Dioro- Saxophone

So far the band has played:

-As the Footsteps Die Out Forever
-A little diddy inspired by 40oz. to Freedom
-A medely of
+Hey! (ska)
+Smells Like Teen Spirit
+Back In Black
+Crazy Train
+Some Fallsteff Song

As a band The Sax Offenders would like to thank:
-Molly Williams for making T-shirts
-Mike Lloyd for being willing to join our band on such short notice
-Molly and Steph for getting us in the Diversity Dinner
-All band member parents for driving and letting us have practice
-Tyler Foster for taking pictures
-Michelle Stole for taking pictures
-Drew for screaming DROP IT and being willing to do back-up vocals
-All fans for supporting us
-Everyone else who took pictures and video
-polly-o string cheese.
-Master Kwan