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Genres: Rock / Rock / Rock

Location: Barrier, KY

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4 tracks

Members: Joe Stockton, Chris Duke, Korey Shrum, Dave Taylor

The Savvy is a four piece Rock and Roll act you'd be selling yourself short to miss. After many years of touring under a different name (formerly Nineball), the only original member of the band (Joe Stockton) decided he wanted to create a new beginning for himself and his best friends. These are the men who stuck with him through thick and thin. These are The Savvy.

The word Savvy has many meanings and connotations. It means "knowledgeable", "street smart", "not naive" or "well informed". In short it means they have an understanding. An understanding of the way things are, and an understanding of "what it takes" to make a career doing what they love. Well Informed of the shady side of the music industry, the band marches on to create their name and GET HEARD on their own terms. Love, passion, dreams, the love of creating art, and a drive to live in an honest, kind, and selfless way such as the way that Jesus Christ lived.

However, if you see these boys live in action on stage (In their natural habitat if you will), you'll see something a little different than you'd expect from a group of Christian young men. With mics being swung around the stage, Water fights between band members, amp climbing, and war paint are types of sights you might find at a "Savvy Show", but their main focus are the fans. To reach them, to know them, and to befriend them.

The fans/friends are SO important, and the Savvy recognizes that. Thanks for taking a step in the direction of getting to know these guys. I promise you won't regret it.

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  • dillon davis :] said:
    hey guys, cant wait for this friday. Yall are coming to my church for City Wide! Mar 28
  • Michael said:
    my band is playing with yourrss thursday =D lol. Jan 25
  • sarah said:
    likee it. put up more stuffff please :] Nov 21
  • ashlyn. said:
    come home boys! Jul 09
  • speeedgirl2424@aol.com said:
    i saw you guys last night. haha you made up for the accident with the acoustic show(= see ya guys friday(= Jul 07
  • Atreuyu** said:
    Hey Boys!! How ya doin?? Dec 09
  • chicks skate said:
    AHHHHH!!!!! i just went and saw you like an hour ago in ohio at highway. MAN! that was awesome very nice very nice. Hope you guys come back cause i didnt get to buy a shirt...MUCH LOVE KASSIE>>>!!!! Sep 13
  • Jessa said:
    Hey Guys! Great concert at Lifest! thanks for doing the shout out to the girls who made the bracelets for you! lol. we had a lot of fun! hope to see you at Lifest next year! Jul 14
  • Kiersten( said:
    I Missed ur concert @ Garrard County You Should Come Back again. Jul 03
  • $sk8ter$ said:
    these guys rocked when they played the love or money tour at my church. it was freakin insane!!!! May 22
  • Elmredtravis said:
    hey guys, you should put up dial tone lullaby, that song is BA, and where can i get ahold of your music? Oct 14
  • Sarah Harris said:
    totally amzing..kluke signed my shoe at newsong..it was wickedly sweet and u guys rocked...ill; try to keep posted..cant wait for the new album Sep 02
  • Sarah Harris said:
    you guys rocked my face off and kicked me in the teeth at newsong..u have to come back or come to my house and play..lol..me and my friend paige talked to luke for a minute..and he signed my shoe later that night..u all rock.and the demo is sweet..cant wait for the cd Aug 14
  • StapleRocker said:
    hola i was at the consert in Eau Clair Wisconsin u guys were awsome!!! GOD BLESS!!!!! Jul 04
  • a.coffinYOURsize said:
    Cori here. from Che-bang-bang, michigan. I found you on myspace, i found you on here. beware. Just playin. But really, come back to northern michigan..we love you kids here! Apr 06

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