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The Saltine Project

We're the best band you've never heard of.


Genres: Indie / Rock / Powerpop

Location: Pembroke, VA

Stats: 31 fans / 1,802 plays / 0 plays today


Members: Blake Martin, Gianni Massaro, Jake Hedrick, Tanner Carbaugh

For those who have stumbled onto our page, we are The Saltine Project. We are the greatest band you've never heard of- Made up of a very diverse group of musicians, and blending elements of, pop, rock, post-punk, and geek rock we create a truly unique sound that transcends genre all for the purpose of making catchy music to save the ears of today's youth. As you can probably see, we have a lot of fun while we do it.
We stick to expressing our points, opinions, life experiences, and inside jokes through the music. We do not focus on the aesthetics of the band, and we may not fit in the cliques or groupings/classifications that other musicians strive so hard to wedge into, but honestly we could care less. Also, we all drive less than nice cars, love watching Scrubs and Jersey Shore, and we think brinner is the best idea ever.

The Saltine Project recipe:
*4 fun loving, carefree gentlemen
*Equal parts fuzzed out guitar, and room shaking bass
*Sprinkle in liberal amounts of extremely danceable drum beats
*Bake in a gypsy's basement with a temperature of at least 400 degrees fahrenheit for at least 3 hours every day
*Once it cools you should be hearing music that sounds Beatlesesquely happy with lyrics that would make even Robert Smith shed a tear.

We consider ourselves pioneers of the post pop-punk genre. Basically, it's catchy and energetic like pop-punk, but the music is complex and well written. Also, the lyrics are deeper and a lot more meaningful.

Listen to the music, and many thanks for the support!


  • Kindergarten Theory said:
    The sound of your music reminds me of the twilight soundtracks. Such as the band Lykke Li. You are good, keep it up. -Amethyst Jan 15
  • Chaz said:
    Well i love your sound :) Lovely music. :) Dec 13
  • How Whoreifying! said:
    i actually think this band needs a lot of work. i love the vocals, but you need more beat. it sounds almost dead...the lyrics are something else though, i love them a bit...keep workingg. Nov 30
  • Melissa Hart said:
    you guys are good! you should check out my music! i know you wont be dissapointed(: purevolume.com/melissahart thanks! Nov 17
  • eulauretta said:
    You guys are good, don't bother the stuff other people say. Most of them don't even know anything about music, so keep on the good work ;) Nov 17
  • eulauretta said:
    Naiiiiceee. You guys keep rolling and you'll be big xD Nov 17
  • Alec Wesley said:
  • MarBear RAWR!! said:
    hey guys! I really like touch the sky! Keep it up! XD Nov 02
  • Mitchel said:
    good but vocals are really high maybe pull them back a little bit and get some guitar in!! Oh ya! Oct 13
  • Regret is a Constant said:
    hmmmm.. Oct 09
  • Russell said:
    i really like waiting on the rain... it's a good beat Oct 04
  • Alii Babii said:
    Hey guys the Music is way cool. I think you guys got something, keep it up and don't give up I think you guys could go some were with it. =D Oct 04
  • Malachi said:
    I can tell you guy's worked really hard on this new song. Good Job! sounds good Oct 04
  • BabyGurl292 said:
    I think that you guys have a great lead singer and i respect ur guy's music but you should try kicking it up a notch (: besides if you don't like it with a little more pizazz then you can always change back right?? Sep 30
  • Bananers said:
    I incredibly love touch the sky!!! Its just so fun. I love how...unique it is. Sep 30


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