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The Roosevelts

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Genres: Indie / Rock / Pop

Location: Murfreesboro, TN

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4 tracks

Members: Noah, Kyle, Nathan

The Roosevelts disbanded in the winter of 2006.
Noah Curtis (songwriter, bass, lead vocals, 1998-2006)
Kyle Benson (guitar, bgvs, 2002-2006)
Ben Collier (bass, 1998-99)
Steven Hough (guitar, 1998-2003)
Tam Clark (drums, 1998-2004)
Erick Lefevre (drums, 2004-2005)
Nathan Hufford (drums, 2006)
Cliffy Huntington (producer, "self-titled" 2001)
Kevin Bruchert (producer, "It's So Hard to Make A Sound" 2005, "For Money" & "Christmas Song" 2005, "September Demos" 2006)


  • esco2878 said:
    Listening to you @ hell's gate social man love the bass n guitar but your sound system is killing your efforts. Can't hear the lead vocals. Dec 10
  • Tara said:
    :( Jun 28
  • eric eli said:
    heard it can't end this way on a christian radio in like 04, dude sorry you disbanded. later. Jun 02
  • mjb6 said:
    you were my substitute teacher woah Oct 19
  • mjb6 said:
    you were my substitute teacher woah Oct 19
  • dandelionn said:
    \"your song\" is simply lovely. : ] Oct 06
  • FIFfan42 said:
    Yay! I love you guys! All these songs are so meaningful to me... Sep 18
  • musicislife913 said:
    heyyy im sitting next to this guy that says he kows u..his name is graham gordon...and he just showed me ur website here and i absolutely love u............soo comment me back and graham says heyyyyyyy! haha soo ill talk to u later. -mollly Jul 10
  • Tanman said:
    you are my most favorite band at sonshine ever! and i have gone the past five years Apr 30

September Demos

Nov 30, 1999


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