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The Rise of Science


Genres: Rock / Alternative / Progressive

Location: ATL, GA

Stats: 575 fans / 108,629 plays / 41 plays today






Members: Jason, Catlin, Zach, Mike, & Lorenzo

The name The Rise of Science is one that conjures a myriad of images in one's mind. Prior to listening to a few of the band's beautifully crafted melodic songs, one may imagine a math-rock band, or a politico-religious punk band, yet neither giving an accurate representation of the music. However, upon listening, it becomes clear why the name The Rise of Science became a suitable choice for these musicians. Whether it be the of organic blend of vocal harmonies, the prog guitars and drums, or the cinematic strings and intertwined piano, you instantly discover that the members of The Rise of Science have a passion for making new, interesting music. Every note seems to have a purpose; every articulation thought out. It's passive yet intricate, depressing yet uplifting; naturally polished. Look out for this band, they might just be your newest obsession.


  • fahmi ismail said:
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  • starfield17 said:
    pleeeaase add for the greatest ones on ur playlist... Jan 26
  • Angie Lac said:
    Can't wait for the new album:3 Oct 07
  • Jugonz said:
    purevolume.com/sugarfreeakashug Apr 07
  • .alice. said:
    loving the complete sound. your singers voice is great (: Jan 22
  • Dita said:
    hi! listen to our band at http://www.purevolume.com/DarkShow, and download our single "Nuestro Amor (Our Love)" Jan 14
  • This Trusty Fiend said:
    u guys are good.. real good Oct 02
  • Juliana said:
    I can't wait to see you guys at the Masquerade tomorrow night. I saw you at the first ONS Productions pool party and you guys were great :D Aug 27
  • AurorA said:
    love ALL of ur songs :) espcially Just LIke the Wright Bros :D Aug 19
  • Funky said:
    Best of the best! Aug 03
  • AurorA said:
    ur mu$ic i$ in$pir@ti0n@l.....th3 lyric$ @r3 @m@zing Jul 28
  • Alicia said:
    they are my newest obsession Jul 13
  • Calvin Bauer (We Destroyed The Sun) said:
    You guys are sick May 14
  • Tillman35978 said:
    One of the best bands I have EVER heard! I saw you guys in Rainsville on the 25th. You guys rocked. I'm glad I could make it! Keep on rocking, and I hope to see you guys again soon. Apr 27
  • RyanHull said:
    :) :) :) i love the music Mar 30


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