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  • bruccinnim said:
    Check out www.purevolume.com/bruccinni May 23
  • ♥ CaSeY said:
    Okay im commenting your Band, and i think i LOVE IT \\m/ Feb 12
  • XoXHoldingOnToWhatIsNothingXoX said:
    Aug 09
  • fallensodonth8onme said:
    you guyzz rock!! you\'ve got kick azz lyricz!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mar 24
  • rockinout24_7 said:
    Hey..you guys are the SHIZZZZZ!! Mar 09
  • 666-Stup-666 said:
    Good SOund boys keep me updated on anything, and i see you boys are from canada thats the good part just Support the Troops Mar 06
  • blinkfan4life said:
    ur music is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill add u guys to my favs Mar 05
  • musicmidget said:
    yall have really kewl sound i like! keep up the good work :) Mar 04
  • nerdydork01 said:
    yea you guys are pretty much amazing!!! i love that song sunrise! im totally getting the cd!!! well ttyl! Feb 28
  • ~Berts-A-Hottie~ said:
    If music is ur idenity than u guys r so freakin HOT!!!!!!!! :P Feb 26
  • HarlequinXxXGirl said:
    i can\'t come up with the perfect words to express how much i like your songs...so i\'m not going to try. just know that you have another fan. Feb 25
  • feedthefire said:
    Gotta say im lovin the tunes boys, I love the opening guitar in pieces, nice melody you guys put together, i say we get together in the future and start playing shows together, your not far form where we are, anyways keep in touch and keep on rockin FSI Feb 21
  • said:
    U guyz rock! I will def add u to my favz! Much Luv! Feb 19
  • dearxabigail said:
    mmhummm :P Feb 18
  • allineedismusic said:
    oh, me likey! and loves the My Chem shirt. The Risen reminds me of New Found Glory, in a good way :) Feb 15
  • WHITEKNIGHT172 said:
    dude your music is fucking awsome im telling you now you have a record on the way and on the way to fame... Feb 15