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The REAL Beatles


Genres: Classic Rock / Rock

Location: Liverpool, United Kingdom

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4 tracks

Members: John-(Lead Vocals, Back-Up Vocals, Rhythm/Lead Guitar), Paul(Lead Vocals, Back-Up Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Drums), George(Lead Vocals, Back-Up Vocals, Lead/Rhythm Guitar), Ringo(Lead Vocals, Back-Up Vocals, Drums)

The Beatles are the BEST!!!!!!!!!! Here's to the Fab Four!


  • Emanuelle Cordero said:
    tssss.. saan a kumupas.. tssass Apr 10
  • Musicskins said:
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  • Rod said:
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  • Rick said:
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  • manda said:
    beatlessss Sep 11
  • Lucy said:
    YEah! They are the BEST. Aug 23
  • Goz said:
    this is tripy shit (R) Aug 22
  • li z said:
    I loooove what goes on. Aug 16
  • Yours Truley said:
  • Master of Mustafar said:
    I need a fix cause i'm goin down I want "Happiness is a Warm Gun" Jul 13
  • Sammie Smiles said:
    i want "here comes the sun"!! Jul 11
  • William Blacksheire said:
    all you need is love (bwemp be ben ne bum) Jul 11
  • JARRETT said:
    the beatles truly are a step above everyone else, pretty much every song they made is amazing. its a fact. Jul 03
  • Jenny Barboni said:
    I'm addicted Jun 12
  • oogoditisbilly said:
    god i lovethe beatles Jun 03

Rubber Soul

Nov 30, 1999

Let It Be

No release date

Abbey Road

No release date


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