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The Radiance Effect


Genres: Rock / Pop

Location: Kansas City, MO

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4 tracks

Members: Corey, Greg

Change. Thats what four guys from Springfield, Missouri are working towards. Change in the music industry, change in the way people view music, but also change in the lives of people they come into contact with around the world. The Radiance Effect is a band that doesnt attempt to copy its influences, but rather combine them into something greater. From the introspective, personal lyrics coupled with dynamic, but aggressive vocals, to the searing lead guitar and air-tight rhythm section, this is a band that is more than just the sum of its parts. They believe that society as a whole has left a negative impact on the youth of today, and that its up to individuals that are willing to speak out to change things for the better. Showing their faith instead of preaching from the stage, The Radiance Effect seeks to offer people a new perspective on life in their efforts to make a positive influence in our culture. Their music is just a means to open doors that allow them to truly be friends with thousands of people around the world. Change is coming.



  • Jhonatan Pascoal said:
    new music is awesome. Jul 18
  • Show Conner the Skyline. said:
    pretty freakin' awesome :) Oct 27
  • MySafePlace said:
    Hey guys... don't know how I haven't heard of you?!?! We are from the same town!! I hope you come back soon and play a show. I really like your sound. Sep 13
  • .alice. said:
    YOU'RE AWESOME!!!! Jun 25
  • Mark Alexander Herbst said:
    I hope you'll get a lot more known in future. You make real good music Consider me a Fan, even if I'm far xx Jun 25
  • Jade! said:
    aaaaand i saw you guys in Dairy Queen!!! tonight:) May 07
  • Jade! said:
    You guys just just came to see us Kansans!! we loved you can't wait till August!!=) May 05
  • Britt. said:
    Definitely a fan! Apr 02
  • dillon davis :] said:
    hey guys, cant wait to see yall friday. Supposedly yall are coming to my church to play with nineball Mar 28
  • dsato said:
    I thought I would share this video of the Haiti benefit concert that you and Sleep for Sleepers put on in Garden City, Kan. http://swktalk.com/infocus/hope-for-haiti-benefit-concert Feb 18
  • Danielle the Dinosaur said:
    you guys are amazing! Jan 25
  • melroseMae94@aol.com said:
    Woah! I stumbled upon something amazing. You! Sep 20
  • all4jesus_2010@yahoo.com said:
    I LOVE you guys...!!!!! Aug 11
  • LittleMissLovely said:
    OMGAWD you guys were amazing at Cal High School! We all really appriciate you guys coming. Great show! Apr 02
  • aprilBby said:
    Omg you guys are soo hott and good at musicc.. you played at my school! Albert Gallatin High School! it was great! if you have mypsace add me april_bowlen2000@yahoo.com thats my email and if you have any conerts any where txt my cell and let me know tha num is on my profile kk i loved the bike stunts that one dude did!!! Only if i was that talented lol ya def add me on myspace .. omg i lov your music :) Apr 01


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