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The Proxy


Genres: Rock / Pop / Indie

Location: Binghamton, NY

Stats: 56 fans / 1,170 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Bob, Mark, Brandon, Nate, Dan

We took 2nd place at Purple Door Fest!

Five, upstate New York musicians come together from diverse backgrounds, contrasting musical experiences, and opinionated life outlooks to create an original but familiar melodic landscape. In love with tension filled guitars, pure pop, and atmospheric space, we try to make music that we cant wait to unleash live or repeat over and over again on the audio player of choice. We hope that our songs become innocently addictive but at times back you into a corner and invade your space. We are amused by life, wrestling with its paradoxes, and we try to reflect that in our musical approach. Constantly straining to be accessible melodically, The Proxy remains distracted enough to wonder where the song will take us. We take a journalistic approach to God-ward trust, authentic struggle, intense effort, and elusive hope. We trust that our meanderings automatically create deeper connections and call us out to fight forward. Still, our poor self awareness might be convincing us that we're a better band than we actually are. Oh well, were blazing on anyway.


  • celly37 said:
    You guys are AMAZING i heard you at the spedie fest and last night at the concert... i think i liked you best out of them all!!! hopefully i will be seeing you again on the 10th!!! keep it up! Sep 15
  • aleah said:
    SO THERE"S THIS THING CALLED THE SPIEDIE FEST. and this girl called aleah will be passing out a plethora of flyers in order to spread appreciation for your amazing sound. the end. Jul 30
  • kelley said:
    this fan is attending the spiedie fest for the sole purpose of seeing you. yep. Jul 30
  • chelsea said:
    congrats for the win on saturday! May 05
  • chelsea said:
    your show was sublime Apr 28
  • aleah said:
    your guys' concert last night rockeddddd it was awesome! Apr 27
  • armetthe said:
    great music guys! when are you coming out with your EP? Apr 12
  • Marie said:
    You guys are really good! Keep it up. Apr 06
  • Sara Mae Corwin said:
    I just started playing teaching myself guitar and I love the sound of your music. I was wondering if the was any place that I couuld get the tabs for your music. Mar 30
  • varia said:
    more please. Mar 27
  • chelsea said:
    you guys are beautiful. counting down the days til your show...40 to be exact =] Mar 17
  • samgurlalways said:
    "Dreams aren't so harmless" is so great. Amazing job. Mar 09
  • none said:
    Sweet music! Ya'll don't sound like everything out there! The closest band I could compare yall to is probably NEEDTOBREATHE, but still a unique sound. Reallyy cool, yall are one of the few (talented) bands that dont sound like FOB or PATD. ROCK ON!!!!! Mar 05
  • Can you still be moved by song, or are you to far gone? It's all there, but I refuse to believe. said:
    Amazing! all three! Mar 04
  • none said:
    Cool songs, are yall Christian? Mar 04

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