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The Programme


Genres: Indie / Rock

Location: Tulsa, OK

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Members: Max Porter, Jed Skalnik, Mark Chronister, Travis Loafman

The Programme
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The Programme is an instrumental band based in Skiatook, Oklahoma. They were initially active the time period of 2004-2005. They are comprised of Max Porter (guitar, xylophone, keyboards), Mark Chronister (guitar, keyboards), Travis Loafman (bass), and Jed Skalnik (drums). They have released one album, Theseus And The Time Machine, and created a massive cult following, stealing nearly every show they perform at.

Their first album is a narrative album, telling the story of a man named Theseus, who creates a time machine and travels through time, to find a lover named Pianissimo. Upon discovery that she is married to a man named Xanthus, Theseus travels back in time to prevent them from ever meeting by killing him. This results in a dramatic change of the future, and Theseus resigns to leave this time behind, and instead wander alone through the ages.

At shows, one of their most famous songs was "They Make Love." The extremely catchy song was always very well-received by an enthusiastic crowd. During one show, guitarist Max Porter got so fired up during this song that he accidentally kicked the glockenspiel used in "Return to the Future to Discover Everything Has Changed" off the stage and into an unsuspecting female fan. No one was injured, but it serves as a testament to the Programme's passion in performing their instrumental works.

The band's last show of this period was a modest affair played at Kris Payne's house in their hometown of Skiatook. Anyone and everyone was invited. Kris had several ties with the band, having performed with some of the members in an older band called Everyday Value. This last show was the only one in which the band played through their entire repertoire, with a heavily redone, darker version of "Thunderdog".

The band went on hiatus midway through 2005, when Porter left the band to attend Yale University. Their last show of this time period was recorded and released on the DVD "Live At Party Of The Decade Part 3", of which some have bootlegged the audio from.

In the month of January, 2006, The Programme reunited for a show at the Pink Eye club, which can be regarded as one of the best of their career. They played almost the entirety of their song library, along with an encore and two performances of a new song, the title of which remains unknown. It is assumed that the "new song" lies outside of the "Theseus" mythos, although it would not be a stretch to infer a relation to the band's single album.

On Saturday, November 18th, 2006, The Programme played another show, this time in Stillwater, Oklahoma, with a string trio and local favorite Kunek. The band played a fantastic set, retaining all of the prowess of their earlier performances. In performing "The Wayward Time Traveller", the band played a coda that extended for 3-4 extra minutes, with an extra melody, lots of distortion, and heavy drumming. The style was similar to the unnamed new song played at the January 2006 show.

After their set, songwriter Max Porter confirmed future shows in late 2006/early 2007, as well as commenting: "Hopefully we have new music by then. I have ideas."

This confirmation of new material also serves to confirm that the Programme is not broken up, but merely making the best they can of a long distance relationship.

Theseus And The Time Machine

1. Thunderdog (Theseus Creates The Time Machine)
2. "It Works!"
3. The Pangs Of Solitude
4 Theseus Meets Pianissimo
5. They Make Love
6. Enter Xanthus, Pianissimo's Husband
7. Theseus Travels Back In Time To Keep Pianissimo And Xanthus From Meeting
8. The Death Of Xanthus
9. Return To The Future To Discover Everything Has Changed
10. The Wayward Time Traveller

Live At Party Of The Decade Part 3

1. At The Party
2. Thunderdog (Theseus Creates The Time Machine) (New Version)
3. "It Works!"
4. The Pangs Of Solitude
5. Theseus Meets Pianissimo
6. They Make Love
7. Enter Xanthus, Pianissimo's Husband
8. Theseus Travels Back In Time To Keep Pianissimo And Xanthus From Meeting
9. The Death Of Xanthus
10. Return To The Future To Discover Everything Has Changed
11. The Wayward Time Traveller




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