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The Prodigy


Genres: Electronic / Alternative / Rock

Location: United Kingdom

Stats: 656 fans / 29,675 plays / 66 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Liam, Keith, Maxim

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Invaders Must Die is out now!
Click here to get it on iTunes!



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  • CyberJulie said:
    TOO GOOD ! Mar 14
  • Muhammad Zulham said:
    http://www.purevolume/notdelusion4you :) nice songs :) Nov 18
  • mokeacchino & boyette said:
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  • Jack said:
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  • brokencyde10 said:
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  • joe the scene boy potter (in rave city) said:
    XD U ROCK coz braintree/essex boyz Feb 11
  • kim_seballa@yahoo.com said:
    omen! 10 out of 10! love it! ^_^ Jan 18
  • RadioActiveDating said:
    i love ur songs!!! LOL Nov 11
  • Sarah said:
    You guys are the best live band I've ever seen! Oct 20
  • Luke Savidge said:
    Just fucking amazing Oct 13
  • CatmasterMan! said:
    "....Breathe the pressure Come play my game I'll test ya Psychosomatic addict insane Breathe the pressure Come play my game I'll test ya Psycho-somatic addict insane...." Sep 30
  • Laura said:
    going to see them in december going to be sick :O Sep 16
  • MR.TEARS said:
    You need more songs!!!! Sep 06

Invaders Must Die

Mar 10, 2009


Dmitrov, Russia


United States

Lauren Kaylie

Boston, MA



Patrick ™

Hamburg, Germany


Paris, France

Josh A

Medford, OR

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