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The Prisoners Dilemma


Genres: Hardcore / Screamo / Post Hardcore

Location: Long Beach, CA

Stats: 128 fans / 14,702 plays / 12 plays today






The Prisoners Dilemma is: Robert Gibbs-Guitar, Backup Vocals, Keyboard Travis Nesland-Bass, Keyboard Ernie Jeong-Lead Vocals Ronnie Cambra-Percussion David Gibbs-Guitar, Backup vocals "There is nothing but the music that dances through a sea of empty" …sometimes, while driving through endless fields, under a blue that never seems to end but for the edges of the earth, we realize small bundles of truth that are useless to try and put into words, because it ould do a great injustice to the idea itself. The only thing we hope to do, is someday, after years of reflecting on the memory of peace that came with the fleeting wisdom, create something that transcends eason and the cages of our everyday lives. The music of The Prisoners Dilemma might be looked at as the contrast created by working in two separate directions. At times spacious soundscapes seem to xpand in all directions in an attempt to recreate the feelings of clear understanding we have briefly found in our past, trying to tie both ends of time into a sum that may give pieces of the answers to our ndless questions. But on top of this blind yet methodical searching, is an assertion of the moment we will never escape, and a call to intellectual arms to resist the pull of the faceless masses and work for a way of life that will notstrip us of our personal identity. The Prisoners Dilemma will continue to progress in an attempt to unify these two directions expressing the ideas that words fail while always remembering that we may have the opportunity to affect people in real ways.


  • Andrew L. (.a curious one.) said:
    what happended to you guys. i heard you first like 6 years ago now nothing. i really like it. where did you end up? Aug 31
  • King : A : [ASTR] said:
    "Tears Came Falling" Feb 19
  • King : A : [ASTR] said:
    You guys are amazing; I love it when hardcore and perfect melodies combine; because I've said so; you will get signed [only if that is what you desire]! Feb 19
  • Em0Scream said:
    good sons =)!!! Jul 30
  • zalie said:
    nice sonf Feb 07
  • xnopoisonx said:
    Add Comment here... Sep 12
  • bubbleboy13 said:
    I love \'tears came falling\' Jun 19
  • bubbleboy13 said:
    I love \'tears came falling\' Jun 19