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The Phoenix Template


Genres: Experimental / Metal / Hardcore

Location: Conway, SC

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4 tracks

Members: David (Vocals) Tim (Guitar, Vocals) Adam (Guitar) Ian (Guitar) David (Bass, Vocals) Devin (Drums)

The Phoenix Template (a.k.a. TPT) is a band that has risen from from the ashes of ABBAgale. 4 out of the 5 members of TPT were in ABBAgale and decided to start this project after the completion of ABBAgale. TPT is a band that will blow your mind. We experiment with every subgenre of metal and hardcore out there. From the Emery emo-core stylings and punk-core Stretch Arm Strong to the Death Metal of With Blood Comes Cleansing and Melodic Metal of As I Lay Dying. We are gonna play what we want and feel will fit our lyrics. We like to call our music EXPERI-METAL-CORE. We are sick of the cookie cutter bands who only play one style of music and that's it. We are here to change that. We are THE PHOENIX TEMPLATE.



The Cleansing Flame

Aug 09, 2008


Guwahati, India


United States

Timothy Burlinson

Conway, SC


Bucksport, SC

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