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The Paramedic


Genres: Post Hardcore / Rock

Location: Dayton, OH

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4 tracks

Members: Brady Reis, Jake Nolan, Ryan Meyers, Alex Asch, Kevin Vincent, Josh Gillispie


Track listing:

3.Where's the Fire
4.A Thousand Ships
5.Where The River Meets The Sea
6.Young Love in The Garden


Post-Hardcore is very prevalent today, and for the most part, the bands within the scene are musical carbon copies of each other. You recognize them: high pitched vocals, heavy guitars, and pop catchiness are all mandatory for an up and coming post-hardcore band. There are very few of these groups who execute this sound well. The Paramedic, hailing from Dayton, Ohio, are one of them. They provide more than flair and image. They provide a familiar, catchy, yet enjoyable sound that one can appreciate.

"Apollo" is a twenty two minute long EP with six tracks. All six tracks are catchy, creative, and straightforward. The musicianship is good, however the bass is inaudible unfortunately. I didn't notice this until my third listen however, because I was captivated by the stellar vocal performances and dual guitars. The vocals provided by Brady Reis are top notch, and are a definite highlight throughout the EP. His lyrics are also quite impressive and thought provoking. The themes often refer to Greek mythology, as well as problems within our society. In 'Where's the Fire?' Brady proclaims :

'I must be a God.

I kill,

I destroy,

I steal,

And nothing happens to me.'

The band play straightforward modern post-hardcore, but they also mix a few elements within to keep it unique and interesting. In 'Young Love In The Garden' a soft jazz guitar solo floats pleasantly above the verse. An enjoyable guitar solo is also found in 'Where's the Fire?'. The band uses interesting pop hooks and sing-alongs that give the music a very pop-rock sound to it at times, and fortunately, few breakdowns are used. The only one (present in 'Explorers') utilizes dual lead vocals, and doesn't sound forced.

Overall, The Paramedic have tons of potential. I believe they may have to branch out a bit more in order to keep things interesting, but with their debut "Apollo", they have managed to be unique and interesting. They show that they aren't just another replica of the scene, and that they have what it takes to make good music.



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  • Tina Mass said:
    Amazing Apr 09
  • Tina Mass said:
    Just Great Apr 09
  • AxL said:
    AWESOME!!! :))) May 07
  • Emily said:
    you guys are awesome!:) Jan 03
  • Gnarley Marley said:
    wow i really like the sound! keep on keepin on lol Oct 06
  • Kyle said:
    Brady, This band is awesome i'm so glad that you finally found a great band to play with... KYLE Mar 05


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