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"The Nightmare Academy" Official Music Video


Added Feb 25, 2011



Comments (12)

  • spencermon said:
    awesome Oct 29
  • xD jeraldine :x said:
    amazing!!! Mar 16
  • Tim Small said:
    Best song I've heard in a long time, can't wait until I can buy the EP! Mar 09
  • kmefford said:
    awesome!!! Mar 07
  • Kaylyn Muchquin Cognito said:
    That was fantastic!!! Mar 01
  • Pat said:
    This video is really cool. great job! Mar 01
  • george tuca jr. said:
    waw i love the girl haha she also play a guitar Mar 01
  • george tuca jr. said:
    wwwaw! Mar 01
  • Weston Gardner said:
    You Guys have such a sick unique sound. Love the girl/guy vocal switches and the Robo vocals at the beginning and the end. The dragon shadow idea was really rad. Mar 01
  • skimmerboi said:
    whoa!! rockin'!!! Feb 27
  • redesignme said:
    great music! :) Feb 27
  • ZoMbIIsandMoNsTeRs said:
    im actually impressed but its the little things that make a video... and i really wish ur guys hair was flying all over the place and u werent smiling so much... but it looked like fun guy! Feb 26