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The Pajammas


Genres: Punk / Rock / Ska

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Stats: 1 fans / 137 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Owen(guitar, vocals) Brandon(bass) Blake(drums) Ryan (guitar and vocals)

The Pajammas are a punk rock band from Ft. Worth, Tx and have been playing non stop since January of 2009. Their likes include but are not limited to, 1: laying down fat tracks and B: Pa-Jamming. Their songs are fast and energetic, making you wanna get up and move (and occasionally skank). Influenced by the punk rock bands of the 90..'s (blink, mxpx, nofx) as well as some reggae ska such as sublime, the pajammas definitely stand out in a music scene devoted to hardcore and metal bands. Rocking a venue near you sooner than later, punk rock that goes fica fica!

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Aug 09, 2010


Jan 09, 2010