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The Ordinary Me


Genres: Post Hardcore / Jazz / Indie

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

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4 tracks

Members: Nicolas Jens Hendrik Michael Alex

n 2008 the ordinary me is still a _the_-band but nonetheless, the band from
frankfurt/germany appears to be much more matured and even more dedicated to
their music than ever before. that comes as no surprise when you consider the
line-up-changes of the past years: a constant progress has taken place since
the debut album BREATHING IS A REFLEX (redfield rec. 2006).
meanwhile its time to write some new songs. thematically the band stays
around the wet element but now with the anchors sat near the antarctic shelve:
the ep BELGICA has been built and is ready for putting to sea. it gives a
foretaste of the expeditionyear 2009 when the band will release their second
full length. the cartographers are already on board. the new stuff is getting
polsihed as you read this.
so how do they sound? - gentle harmonies alternate with rough chaotic
songstructures, a sudden breakout can disembogue in a moderate breeze. and
this time with ships and water and ice and all this fancy stuff. to peg them
as some kind of rock style is not our business. Come and see the band live to make up your own mind!




Oct 17, 2008

Breathing is a Reflex

No release date

Demo '05

No release date

Anthony The Hardcore Drummer

Melbourne, Australia




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2006 New York City plane crash, United States

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