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Genres: Folk / Punk / Indie

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Stats: 266 fans / 18,582 plays / 58 plays today






Members: Laura, Bill

In 2004 The New Dress began writing songs that reflected their shared love for whoa-oh-ohs and a general concern for the state-of-things, inspired by socially conscious punk bands as well as folk artists. Playing with the bands they love (Dear Tonight, Nakatomi Plaza, The Measure, Against Me!, The Queers, Love or Perish-- to name a few) meant standing out a bit, and trying to appeal to punk rock and hardcore fans with a single guitar and a couple of voices.

Its 2007 and the war rages on...the need for whoa-oh-oh's has never been greater. The New Dress is proud to make their small contribution with their debut full length on Red Leader Records, "Where Our Failures Are," available this summer. They will be on tour to promote the record and support Red Leader sibling, Attica! Attica! So be sure to check out updated tour info.

the New Dress is bill and laura. nerves and positivity.

for more news, photos and tour updates check us out on myspace! www.myspace.com/thenewdress


  • Sammy Whammy said:
    I listened to the three songs on here... then went straight out and bought the album... AWESOME TUNES! I know you guys probably don't check this very often because your last release was 6 years ago, but it was a SWEET album!!(minus a few too many f words for my liking; just personal preference...) Sep 20
  • Caitlyn said:
    Awesome much? [: Apr 04
  • salah eddine rassid said:
    Amazing.. Aug 27
  • ElloChristopher☮ said:
    and btw you sound like tokyo police club Jul 19
  • ElloChristopher☮ said:
    i love your sounds and the lyrics are wonderful Jul 19
  • Arie said:
    Finally, some intellegent music in this god damn world. Well done. Dec 27
  • MistyEyesSayYourGoodbyes said:
    May 13
  • leckss said:
    lovely Apr 19
  • BryanIsListening said:
    this band needs love Aug 29
  • ringo said:
    wow you guys are amazing! i love when artists take folk and bluegrass and make it into a contemporary style! keep on rockin' y'all! come down to Florida some time! Feb 11
  • The Impulse Inadequate (FREE EP - Letters From Space - out now!) said:
    Like piano, smooth vocals, a coldplay-ish sound, bells and mellow floatiness? :) Check out THE IMPULSE INADEQUATE (Electronica, Alternative, Ambient) ***EP COMING SOON!*** Good stuff, see for yerself! purevolume.com/theimpulseinadequate Feb 07
  • spencermon said:
    and laura, your voice is hot, its just amazing Oct 22
  • spencermon said:
    oh wow. i totally like this stuff. i need more of it. i neeeeeeeed it. can you make more of your stuff downloadable. and maybe put up more songs Oct 22
  • Holding In My Organs and Dignity said:
    Hey, you guys are great. Not like that over-emotional, tears-on-my-guitar, my-bleeding-heart-is-adorned-on-my-acoustic kind of smut folk! You guys record on vinyl? Aug 14
  • keLliE said:
    pLHHHHHwwwwwf:p.....down the toliet Jun 22

Where Our Failures Are

Aug 30, 2007

Red Leader Records

Attica! Attica!

Folk Rock / Punk


Punk / Rock

Polar Bear Club

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Nakatomi Plaza

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