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  • Sammy Whammy said:
    I listened to the three songs on here... then went straight out and bought the album... AWESOME TUNES! I know you guys probably don't check this very often because your last release was 6 years ago, but it was a SWEET album!!(minus a few too many f words for my liking; just personal preference...) Sep 20
  • Caitlyn said:
    Awesome much? [: Apr 04
  • salah eddine rassid said:
    Amazing.. Aug 27
  • ElloChristopher☮ said:
    and btw you sound like tokyo police club Jul 19
  • ElloChristopher☮ said:
    i love your sounds and the lyrics are wonderful Jul 19
  • Arie said:
    Finally, some intellegent music in this god damn world. Well done. Dec 27
  • MistyEyesSayYourGoodbyes said:
    May 13
  • leckss said:
    lovely Apr 19
  • BryanIsListening said:
    this band needs love Aug 29
  • ringo said:
    wow you guys are amazing! i love when artists take folk and bluegrass and make it into a contemporary style! keep on rockin' y'all! come down to Florida some time! Feb 11
  • The Impulse Inadequate (FREE EP - Letters From Space - out now!) said:
    Like piano, smooth vocals, a coldplay-ish sound, bells and mellow floatiness? :) Check out THE IMPULSE INADEQUATE (Electronica, Alternative, Ambient) ***EP COMING SOON!*** Good stuff, see for yerself! purevolume.com/theimpulseinadequate Feb 07
  • spencermon said:
    and laura, your voice is hot, its just amazing Oct 22
  • spencermon said:
    oh wow. i totally like this stuff. i need more of it. i neeeeeeeed it. can you make more of your stuff downloadable. and maybe put up more songs Oct 22
  • Holding In My Organs and Dignity said:
    Hey, you guys are great. Not like that over-emotional, tears-on-my-guitar, my-bleeding-heart-is-adorned-on-my-acoustic kind of smut folk! You guys record on vinyl? Aug 14
  • keLliE said:
    pLHHHHHwwwwwf:p.....down the toliet Jun 22
  • HelenaAdore said:
    Hey, guys! Hope you\'re doing okay. Thanks again Laura for the CD& the shirt. Aug 14
  • 2 Tears For Spilt Silk said:
    what time is the show in Ithaca? Jul 30
  • WolfMike said:
    u guys are great Jul 27
  • kareen_ils said:
    yeah !!! kote is music Jul 27
  • |~kayluhhh~| said:
    not my usual cup of tea. but you guys are really good!!! Jul 27