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the needless music


Genres: Pop Punk / Emo / Post Hardcore

Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Stats: 4 fans / 1,212 plays / 21 plays today






Members: vaughn dalton (vocals, guitar)
john morton (guitar, backup vocals)
matt takacs (bass)
david kent (keyboards, programming)
erik schumann (drums, backup vocals)

Setting guitars on fire, utterly demolishing the crowd, and walking off the stage bruised and bleeding. The Needless bring you music that blends pop-punk, emo, and post-hardcore into one harmonic burst of sound and energy.
It all began in the summer of 2005 when four friends living overseas Germany (Vaughn Dalton, John Morton, Matt Takacs, and Erik Schumann) decided that it was time to bring their creation into existence and for the rest of the world to witness. They began writing new material that summer and played their first show in September 2005 at an open-air festival in Aschaffenburg, Germany. Attention was given promptly to the band due to the fact that three of its members come from America. With having the attraction of local promoters, more shows followed soon after. The Needless recorded their own 2-song demo in the spirit of DIY and began passing out copies at all of their shows. Word of mouth traveled quickly and by October 2005 the band was sharing the stage with Silverstein and Spitalfield in Berlin and Hamburg. The Needless went into the studio November 2005 at Kohle Keller Studios with producer and good friend Kai Stahlenberg and recorded their 4-song demo CD titled Were Almost Not Here Anymore.

The CD title reflects how the band was feeling at the time of recording, recalls singer / guitarist Vaughn Dalton. We were all pretty fed up with our current situations on a personal level. Whether it be friends, relationships, or just becoming bored and feeling trapped in a dead end town this CD represents that. All of the songs deal with the topic of leaving and feeling loss. We wanted to present the material in a metaphorical way, but have the songs directly correlate with actual events that had taken place in each of the members lives! exclaims guitarist / singer John Morton. The Needless spent one month in the studio and released No ones Getting Out Alive as a single available for download on their myspace profile. That song got us a lot of recognition, says bassist Matt Takacs. I entered it onto Garageband.com and the results were good. We were featured as Track of the Day and Track of the Week in February 2006. It was a good way for us to get input from people outside of our reach.

The Needless began playing more shows with bigger German acts such as Waterdown, Parachutes, Days In Grief, and Colourful Grey. By this time The Needless were drawing in crowds of 200 people and more. The bands explosive live act won them much acclaim, but they felt they still needed something to complete their sound. We asked our good friend David Kent if he would be interested in handling keyboards and programming for our band, of course he said yes! And were very happy to have him!, says the band. With more shows coming and more schedules having to be changed longtime friend and founding member Erik Schumann decided to take a break and focus on his studies. It was a tough decision for me, says Erik. I had played with Matt and Vaughn for a while but I just couldnt do it anymore. My work schedule and studies just didnt permit me the time to go on tour and play as much as the rest of the guys would have liked me to. I didnt want to stop this band from continuing. I wanted them to go on so I stepped out. The band temporarily picked up drummer Thomas Belz from Mariposa Syndrome to fill in on drums until Eriks recent return. Now armed with the original line-up of the band and tour dates with Aiden and TASTE OF CHAOS, The Needless continue to forge their way into the scene and make a lasting impression!

Recently members of the band were featured live on Radio X 91.8 in Frankfurt, Germany. When asked what they plan to do next they simply replied, Well keep playing as if tomorrow will be our last!


  • Lisa Plein said:
    Just Great Feb 26
  • Demi Dalton said:
    hey Vaughn this ya lil sis devin got a myspace i hooked it up for him find him on my pg. Nov 15
  • steelio said:
    nice emocore you got their guys, i like it!!!!!! do you guys have a label? Jun 21

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