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Released Jan 29, 2008

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Comments (6)

  • ally said:
    shine ilove it Oct 21
  • :) said:
    love it! especially shine :) Apr 06
  • khayeLore said:
    ganda Feb 22
  • MJ62992 said:
    I really like this band the guy and girl\'s voices go really well together, there are a lot of good songs on here Feb 03
  • greyinpink said:
    Great album!! Apr 05
  • morganrules said:
    The Morning Of...just good music!! I love this band so much!! From Piolet to base, to Let your spirit soar, they kept things true to their original style!! unlike...*cough*cough* Fall Out Boy*cough*....i mean their musical style change isnt THAT bad...but its too drastic of a change for them in such a short time. Plain and simple, TMO keeps true to their style without changing things up too much....I love your music, so keep up the g good work!! I hope to see you at a show! -Morgan Mar 13