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The Mojdeh Project is seeking a new drummer!


Genres: Folk Rock / Experimental / Hardcore

Location: Chicago, IL

Stats: 0 fans / 11 plays / 8 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Mojdeh (vox, poetry, ac. guitar, bass, misc percussion), Fyodor (bass, el. guitar, misc percussion), [insert new drummer here]

THE MOJDEH PROJECT is Chicago's only non-profit folk-rock band - currently filing for 501(c)(3) status! Building their career on a new interpretation of Folk Rock! Their vision is to use the energy of hard rock, funk, and electronica in a semi-acoustic realm while remaining no strangers to the conventions of folk, blending story telling and unique instrumentations.

Their fans have been drawn back to their shows to see them re-appropriate strange objects into instruments and traditional folk practices. They've been known to go junk yard hopping to find parts of cars or save propane tanks from being sent to landfills and instead salvage them for their sonic qualities as percussion instruments!

MOJDEH has been performing folk and poetry since '02. It was during the infusion of new band mates, Brian & Fyodor, that their sound changed completely. Bridging the gap between acoustic folk rock, driving core rhythms, and eclectic musical poetry!




May 16, 2009

DEMO 2007

Apr 05, 2007