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The Miracle Of You Pro


Genres: Metalcore / Rock / Experimental

Location: Princeton, NJ

Stats: 585 fans / 30,287 plays / 82 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Chad, Sri, Matt, Brandon & David

Hey All! Thanks for checking us out. Our CD is finally OUT. go to Revhq.com to hit it up and come visit us on myspace www.myspace.com/themiracleofyou for shows and to talk to us. Again Thank you all for everything; yall are amazing
-The Miracle Of You


"Sound and Shape" IS NOW AVAILABLE ON RevHQ!!!! CLICK HERE! or Image above to order.

"The Miracle Of You is emotional, energy-filled, modern post-hardcore on the same page as Your Eyes My Dreams and Inked In Blood. Mixing hardcore and a little metal, they created a nice arrangement of songs for their first label release. The passionate vocals and positive lyrics are the highlight of the band. The music is advanced and it's surprising they're not bigger than they currently are. The guitarists work very well together and actually make good use of the two guitars and write nice, harmonizing riffs. This is a perfect new band to check out if you're looking for something heavy and melodic." - Uprise Zine


  • A_Pzzy said:
    "The Request" Nov 01
  • Andrew The Bear said:
    if i wanted to listen to shitty college rock i'd listen to zao or the miracle of you.... you guys are so the new new kids on the block. i want to kiss boys and burn things during your breakdowns. thanks kisses. ;) Apr 26
  • kamany acosta said:
    i like your music............... you dont have more?? Mar 07
  • nick said:
    Hey, if you like these guys check out http://www.purevolume.com/HOPEFORTHEFALLEN27794 They are tight and only 17 years old Jan 06
  • tenozh said:
    Un día como hoy, pero de 1542 en México, Francisco de Montejo funda la ciudad de Mérida, hoy capital del Estado de Yucatán. Jan 06
  • Lelas1987 said:
    hello! you might like this band: www.purevolume.com/Godlike90609 Nov 26
  • Cris Baldoino said:
    a lot of fuck trims with that one, *-* Feb 11
  • anthony029 said:
    song rocks. but the scream, uhhm, not that heavy.. jst some constructive comments anyway. Jan 22
  • anthony029 said:
    ew Jan 22
  • Nathaniel Vellacott said:
    these guys are totally different than underoath... and frankly more hardcore... !!!!!!!! Jan 19
  • Remifasol said:
    The Algorithm [MATHCORE.ELECTRONIC.PROGRESSIVE] : http://www.purevolume.com/TheAlgorithm Jan 11
  • Nathaniel Vellacott said:
    calm down????? heck no!! keep it going guys intense stuff!!! God Bless Jan 11
  • Queso said:
    calm down wannabe underoath... Dec 23
  • xX|:Jordan:|Xx (On The Clouds With Fire) said:
    Hey! Check out my band On The Clouds With Fire! http://www.purevolume.com/cloudswithfire We're a christian metalcore band. (!!FREE DOWNLOADS!!) Oct 30
  • Brian said:
    check us out. ETERNAL MINDSET> we love jesus just like you! :) Sep 19

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