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The Miles Apart


Genres: Indie / Powerpop / Emo

Location: Cattolica, Italy

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4 tracks

Members: Marco, Stefano, Lele, Luca

For those who don't know our band, here's some words about us: the Miles Apart have been active since February 2000, right after Eversor (the band in which Lele and Marco played for 10 years) split-up. The musical style of the band is always filled with melodies and rocking parts but never too mellow or too poppish. Playing live and recording stuff for friend's labels is what we mainly love to do. We still consider ourself an Hardcore and Independent band even if we don't have tattooes, scream songs and do windmills at shows. From march 2005 we have a new guitar player (Stefano) and for the first time we are in four! We hope to meet you soon!
Take care... The Miles

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