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The Man Legendz


Genres: Death Metal / Powerpop / Experimental

Location: USA

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4 tracks

Members: Riek Baron, Alec Fussion, Mmm Greattness

The History of The Man Legendz

Exactly 36 years ago, in a little barn outside of Zurich, Switzerland, Iron Maden, AC/DC, Black Sabbath and Sammy Davis Junior all came together and had sex. 9 months later, their three headed baby, known only as the man legend was born. As the baby grew, his disfigured body made it hard for him to make friends. Because of this, he spent time with the only thing that didnt judge him. Sweet, sweet heavy metal. As the man legend moved from boyhood into the awkward stage of adolescence, he realized that rock may not be his calling. It was then that the devil came to him in a dream and said "Behold man legend, tis I, your musical savior. If you give me your soul and your first born child, I will give you the ability to preach the gospel of rock to all that will listen. Go forth to America, for it is here that you will find your success." Needless to say, Man Legend accepted the offer, and from that time forward, rocked everyone in sight with his infectious death yells.

Last night I had a beautiful dream. An Angel of Satan came to me and bestowed upon me a glowing white guitar whose body was made of Saber Toothed Tiger fang, strings made of Unicorn hair that was plucked as it took its final gasp of air and pickups molded out of dabloons from Blackbeards pirate ship. The Angel gave the warning "He who hath the power to control the beast shall forever be damned to the deepest depths of the abode of condemned souls." With that, the angel guided my hand and enlivened my vocal chords. Twas not 12 minutes later that a beautiful melody had been composed and a chorus of the damned was summoned to sing along. Upon rising from my slumber, I found sitting beside me the same guitar that had appeared in the dream. Hell hath not the fury that we shall reign upon those who do not bear with them the red flag.

14 years before the fires rained down from the mount of Helena, a young man began a quest for the sacred Rosewood whispered of by the Elder Council of Karlsruhe. Deep into the forest he ventured, until he found the ancient tree. As he began to cut it down, lightning struck him, and as the bolt sizzled through his body, it traveled through the ax and into the tree itself. When young Fuze awoke, he was greeted with a site unlike any he had ever seen. A beautiful bass lay where the knarled old tree once stood. Upon picking it up, the Fuze felt an instant tingling spread through his body. Rock Music has never been the same.

If you want to contact us our email is redflagofrevolution@hotmail.com we are just starting up our tour again and trying to get back to the fans with purevolume, we really don't want to do myspace so best way to find us is to email. We hope to be putting some of our stuff up when ever our people get time. Enjoy and your welcome

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: The Man Legendz are hard at work traveling around the country, rocking brothels and discotechques as we Slash and Burn our way across the country. We are compiling lots of our live stuff and should be releasing another live album sometime in the future.(Preview songs will be available for download soon) Also, expect some shit unlike you have ever heard.

COMMEMERATIVE sweeT-SHIRTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NEW INNOVATIONZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • vendettashredder said:
    It\'s Brandon from Salvation Eternal just saying thanks for checking my profile out!! You guys rule!! Apr 11
  • vendettashredder said:
    It\'s Brandon from Salvation Eternal just saying thanks for checking my profile out!! You guys rule!! Apr 11
  • ckawsky said:
    Dear Man Legendz: Mommy & Daddy say you can\'t watch me anymore. Love, Collin :( Feb 16
  • IKickitwitJesus said:
    that\'s a bad ass album cover! Aug 16
  • IKickitwitJesus said:
    FUCK ME... Apr 07
  • IKickitwitJesus said:
    omg..i love the man legendz. A.F. totally took me out of the V club. i love \'em so much. there music rocks my world and i wish i could tour with them allllll the time. i still love the man legendz even though mmm greattness totally gave me the clap. it\'s cool b/c i asked for it. well that\'s what he said. plus alec fussion told me abortions are free in most states and parts of canada. screw you alabama! Loves...Groupie for Life (GL) Mar 12
  • Twat Satan Fucker said:
    I thought I had seen everything at most other death metal shows, but these guys pushed the envelope like no other! I thought it was awesome when the puled a pregnant woman up on stage and gave her an abortion with their guitars... Even better than that was when the ate what was left of the fetus.. Wild shit man.... Feb 21
  • rocksocks said:
    I saw these guys live, and let me tell you...When i left, my right ear drum was no longer in existance, and the hair on my head was blown off. These guys totally kicked my ass!!! Feb 19

Ye Olde Towne Massacre

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Live in Madrid

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