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  • bOOh13 said:
    nice vox... May 31
  • Bella said:
    god another great song guys. great vocals pat May 30
  • CandyGirl92 said:
    Your music makes me smile. :) May 30
  • ☆ TRISHAA said:
    i love you guys, you are amazing C: May 30
  • sammma. said:
    i love you :] May 30
  • Katie {TRS = LOVE} said:
    the most gorgeous thing i've ever heard:] absolutely fantastic i hate that i missed you guys in atlanta... you better come back soon May 29
  • Trisha . . . (: said:
    Absolutely amazing. :) May 29
  • Jillian13142 said:
    ommggg this is so great:) his voice keeps getting better and better and i love how he can just laugh off a little mistake:) true talent right thereee i love them May 29
  • sarahrose said:
    awwww. when he said tried to take some sense of it. he started laughingggg. so precious! i love you boyssss :) love the ending. May 29
  • rhonda! leah. (read my billboard?) said:
    my God, that was gorgeous. May 29
  • Stephanie said:
    The Maine's acoustic performances are always amazing. May 29
  • calley :D said:
    :) :) :) I love you. May 29
  • haleyy . said:
    awe, that's the best acoustic version i've ever heard. I love John's "raw" voice. :) Truth be told, this video made me smile . May 29
  • WOWitzsam said:
    Wow. I like it, sounded perfect. I loved the RAW sound it had. May 29
  • Catherine said:
    THE LITTLE EYE FLICKER AT THE END. Mucho love. (: Amazing, per usual. May 29
  • Lenzi! said:
    too legit. May 29
  • Caroline said:
    I'll wake you up when it's still dark May 28
  • Earth to Kristen said:
    so amazing :) May 28
  • believemevergie. said:
    yaaaaaaaaaaay ! (: May 28
  • Kebin Bonilla said:
    nice! May 28