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The Maine "Listen to your heart" (official homemade music video)


Added Jul 01, 2011



Comments (15)

  • Tania Carreon said:
    ilove most the home-made videos :DD Jul 08
  • quinnwilliams said:
    put this on itunes ! Jul 02
  • Altam Bea said:
    nice video! Jul 02
  • Taylor-Mae said:
    Garrett wins Jul 01
  • AliciaGallagher said:
    you guys should let my friend Domi make a music video for one of your songs. She is amazing with her video ideas and editing skills. She will do it for free too! Check out some of her videos, especially the one called "Beak", that was her junior capstone project this year. http://www.youtube.com/user/Dominiquewa2012?feature=chclk Jul 01
  • ♥Naomi♥ said:
    you guys are great!! Jul 01
  • Sarah Kaitlyn said:
    Jul 01
  • devinlindseyx3 said:
    Love it! (: Jul 01
  • Princess Lim said:
    Clips from the Philippines!! Jul 01
  • Tiffany said:
    I'm commenting again because I love this and this song so much. Pahahaha. Jul 01
  • Aisza Bernadette said:
    i love it! ♥ Jul 01
  • ⓂViolentHonest said:
    Mhm..I cried the first few times I watched it. No shame. Jul 01
  • Tiffany said:
    OMG I LOVE THIS. Totally worth staying up until 5:30 AM for. Jul 01
  • brittani said:
    you guys are worth the wait, its amazing. love yall Jul 01
  • Gabyy; said:
    It was totally worth the wait! (: Jul 01

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