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Released Jul 08, 2008

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Comments (15)

  • iwuzhere said:
    so great! May 12
  • LaurenElizzabeth said:
    love this CD so much! i listen to it all the time! Nov 10
  • AAMLLY said:
    saw yew in baton rouge! amazing! I LOVE YALL! :) will definatley go to another concert! Jul 31
  • Kimberblah3 said:
    wow. freakin amazing guys! love it! Jul 27
  • WOWitzsam said:
    I love the new album. I can't wait to see you guys again in Baton Rouge. Jul 25
  • Rafa 23 said:
    GREAT SOUND Jul 23
  • LaurieBethxx said:
    omg im gonna see u on august 12th!! so excited!! Jul 22
  • megs :] said:
    definitely love the new songs!! love the cd too! Jul 13
  • Lynnx3 said:
    Omg, amazing cd ahh. Jul 12
  • natasha. said:
    definitely buying this today, woot. =] Jul 09
  • wynna said:
    love the new songs! Jun 29
  • tyler said:
    your songs are amazing. your lyrics are intricate, orignal&creative. your beat is uplifting, different&fun to dance to. what else could anybody ask for? Jun 25
  • 2SayAnything(*Else) said:
    AMAZING Jun 18
  • Reinvent ♥ said:
    i love youuuuuu. Jun 16
  • ffs said:
    omg you guys like rock how but i think asent amessage to you no Reply!!? Jun 11