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Released Dec 09, 2008

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Comments (38)

  • RONZO said:
    just right 4 xmas!! Ho HO Ho Hop Oops! Jul 26
  • hawley said:
    OMGOSH!! that is awesome! Dec 11
  • xlindenxluvx said:
    LMAOOO! Jun 23
  • xlindenxluvx said:
    I LOVE THIS SONG! Jun 23
  • x0lauribixt said:
    i still havent gotten mine, and i preordered it. :( Dec 14
  • gio said:
    mery xmas everyone! Dec 12
  • Bryan said:
    how many songs this record have??...u.u Dec 11
  • Kay said:
    brilliant!!! Love Santa Stole My girlfriend =] Dec 11
  • tb. said:
    Pre-ordered mine today! :] Dec 08
  • Leslie Carlson said:
    Stumbled on this thinking must be a band from Maine - wow - you guys are good! Clean, clean production. Great job. - Leslie, North Hollow Records Dec 08
  • Alisa said:
    amazing :] i totally pre-ordered it. cant wait XD Dec 07
  • M. Eliza Belle Driscoll said:
    gimme:) Dec 07
  • LaurenElizzabeth said:
    So So Amazing! I love all the songs! Can't wait till the 12th! Dec 07
  • Frodo said:
    Is it just me? Or do theses songs really hit home with you? They have to be some of the best I've heard. Not just holiday songs-just plain songs. Even though there's nothing plain about these Dec 06
  • Mariah, said:
    I pre-ordered this. (: Wooooo! Dec 05

Events (35)

Jul 31

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

7:00pm at Circo Voador
Aug 01

Sao Paulo, Brazil

7:00pm at Carioca Club
Aug 02

Sao Paulo, Brazil

7:00pm at Carioca Club
Aug 04

Porto Alegre, Brazil

7:00pm at Teatro CIEE
Aug 05

Curitiba, Brazil

7:00pm at Music Hall