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The Lot Six Pro


Genres: Indie / Punk / Alternative

Location: Boston, MA

Stats: 142 fans / 16,437 plays / 16 plays today






Members: Daniel Burke, Julian Cassanetti, William Kerr, Aaron Sinclair, David Vicini

The Lot Six live in a city called Boston. The Lot Six tour on occasion. The Lot Six make records on occasion. The Lot Six have been a band for about five years or so. They love music and warmth but are sometimes afraid of the sun. The Lot Six are not trying convince anyone to like their music. They would like it if you made up your own mind. The music is available to everyone. They do not like being 'marketed'.


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  • ACUN ACUNMAN said:
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  • Juliet Ocean said:
    the lot six is an awesome band. the lot six is strange for representing themselves in the third peson. the lot six has some really awesome tunes. 'preciate the music, guys. Dec 13
  • julia [not using purevolume anymore] myspace is getting old too.but ohwell said:
    Sweet. Boston kiddds. me too. Play some shows in Natick. ily. ur insanee. Oct 05
  • rewind0010 said:
    Sweet. Jun 13
  • 1 2 3 4........FLIP!!! said:
    I like the raw sound, I think you guys would put on a good, maybe destructive, but good show. Apr 08
  • 30 Secondstosam said:
    No shows or blog? C\'MON GUYS! I NEED NEWS! =] I love what I hear, keep it up, ey? Apr 06
  • Yaskaha said:
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