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The Lion and The Machine(!!New Song very soon!!)

Show in Canal winchester May 29th


Genres: Experimental / Hardcore

Location: United States

Stats: 166 fans / 706 plays / 16 plays today






Members: Eric James /Eric Vacheresse /Ryan Miller /Dowler Vacheresse /Austin Thaxton

The Lion and The Machine was created by a group of very good friends who all share the same interests. Each of wich, come from different backgrounds of music. Members of the band Eric James Vocals/ Eric Vacheresse Guitar/ Ryan Miller Vocals/ Dowler Vacheresse Bass/ Austin Thaxton Drums. Give you that raw and hard sound that is The Lion And The Machine.




  • King : A : [ASTR] said:
    damn. Jul 14
  • Deadman_Living said:
    pretty crazy!! Feb 16
  • manda said:
    : ) Sep 09
  • TINY TERROR said:
    :) Jul 10
  • Morgan said:
    attractive band + great music= sexxxx Jun 08
  • Anthony said:
    dude u guys make sum nice ass rket your drummer is 1 uf my insperstions u guys fuckin rock my head off i cant wait till ur utter songz r on here Apr 10
  • hhhaylee! said:
    you guys need more songs. but it's good :) Apr 01
  • symms said:
    thanks for your advert. Cool music take care symms Mar 31
  • JayCee said:
    sweet. i like you guys. not bad[: more music,, yeah?? Mar 31
  • Jessclamation Mark said:
    wow!..you guys are kewl XD Mar 31
  • ChloĆ« said:
    freakin. awesome. PUT UP MORE MUSIC!!! Mar 31
  • Jason Howard said:
    i like it Mar 30
  • Cynthia! said:
    goodness. made me want to get out and dance in the middle of the street no mind the cars....in a main highway...in chicago.. Mar 28
  • c-los is me said:
    dudes! make that song downloadable its an awesome tune! Mar 27
  • TheyCallMeCRASH said:
    VERY GOOD totally awesome........LOOK UP SECOND THIEF!!! they are from my home town and they are truly amazing Mar 27


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