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Genres: Emo / Rock / Pop

Location: Des Moines, IA

Stats: 996 fans / 141,534 plays / 241 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Adam, Kyle, Mason, Zach, Keith

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Sunshine Sister, Bright Sounds, and The Places You Go Produced by Johnny Andrews, Mixed by Matt Malpass


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Lucas Keller for Uppercut Management


  • egys7 said:
    woooooooow Oct 21
  • Rawan said:
    cool Jan 02
  • Trevor Kirtman said:
    I have been listening to States and Territories for a couple of years not knowing who you guys were. I finally found out, is the Lifestyle still together? Apr 20
  • andyc. said:
    My friend says for you to add some gigs to your profile here on PureVolume, and that you should come to Iowa City to play a show. I\'m not gonna disagree with the first part she says, because I couldn\'t care less, but you guys have gotta come to Iowa City. Dec 07
  • allysonlockeness said:
    you guys are amazing, i want a cd. Nov 06
  • said:
    you guys are awesome, i like sunshine sister alot, are you guys signed yet? good shittt Jul 24
  • Sammee Bean said:
    you guys pretty much rule! Good luck with your music and shtuff! Yey for being from Iowa! You guys are so talented, don\'t forget that! Jesus loves you! I hope you guys have safe travels! Peace out boys scouts! -Sammee Bean May 08
  • caliberxxromance said:
    i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. =] you COMPLETE ME. Jan 21
  • coolpunke said:
    Like the new music. You guys rock, you should so come back to Indiana sometime. I loved you guys at the AAR concert. ROCK OUT. Nov 15
  • kristinabina said:
    I loove the new songs :) Nov 14
  • Mandible said:
    way to go iowa!!!! Nov 07
  • caliberxxromance said:
    i want to have your babies, haha. i loove you guys. xx Oct 01
  • rockerofpunk said:
    i saw you guys in indy with AAR. you so totally rock!!! i love your music!! and i got masons autograph which is pretty awesome! love youre music. :] A.M. Sep 21
  • caliberxxromance said:
    i LOVE you guys so very much. will you marry me. Sep 12
  • aikinator said:
    you guys are hot, keep it up! Sep 09


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Demo Fall '05

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