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Genres: Acoustic / Alternative

Location: Saint John, NB

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Members: Marc Henwood - guitar, vocals, lyrics; Jeremy Goguen - classical guitar, vocals; Sean Boyer - Drums, Percussion; Skotti Hughes - Bass

Where to begin....

The whole thing started in 2003, when Marc was shown Jeremy's tunes on Purevolume.com. Marc got in contact with Jeremy, and began to create some original tunes, and work on older ones. The first 2 songs ever created by the two, were "To The River" and "Feeble Attempt At Opportunistic Humor". "Hey Away" was also there, which was co-written by Jeremy and Sarah Partridge.

After a while of creating music, just sitting around in the living room playing, there had to be a name for this creation. Marc had been doing some reading on Aleister Crowley, and the "Book of the Law". The doctrine of this system is that knowing and doing one's true will is the ultimate purpose and duty of every being. There is a name for this, and it is Thelema.

Having the name, and some songs, Thelema sprang to life, publicly, in a "Battle of the Bands". It was just Jeremy and Marc, and their guitars and voices. This setup continued until the Fall of 2004 when, one day, Jer and Marc were practicing, and got to thinking..."What would this sound like with drums and bass....a full band...". Calls were immediately placed to drummer Sean Boyer, and bassist, Skotti Hughes. Fortunately, these amazing musicians, and friends agreed wholeheartedly to become members of Thelema.

The first time the new incarnation of Thelema rehearsed, there was a spark...a palpable knowledge that the lineup had been cemented. And so it continues.

On March 13, 2005, Thelema released 'Grey', a 12 song LP, consisting of all original material. Another CD is currently being recorded at Basque Studios, with an expected release in Spring 2006. They have played numerous shows for their lovely fans and, with the help of an amazing, beyond hard-working team of family of friends, these 4 musicians will continue writing and creating music together for a long time to come.

Feel free to contact us at thelema@hotmail.com with your comments or for bookings.


  • laurensmom said:
    this band ROCKS!!! lyrics are reminiscent of no one... except marc Dec 07


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