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The Kinison


Genres: Punk / Indie / Experimental

Location: Riverside, CA

Stats: 1,313 fans / 218,224 plays / 26 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Aaron.Bub.Christopher.Mikey.MikeV

This band is not newly hip Garage-Rock, they are definitely not nu-metal they are just a brash, young group with a mind numbing sound that are more than ready to get in your face. One thing is for sure, the boredom they lived through in their native Illinois gave them more than enough inspiration and material to sing about and heave on stage.

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"You'll Never Guess Who Died" Music Video
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  • Jason Mother Fucking Kee said:
    You'll Never Guess Who Dead IS THE FUCKING....SHIT!!! Apr 03
  • a_time_2_greive said:
    Omg! I'm gonna cry! I got a new computer and lost my link to this website and couldn't remember the name of it. Then I finally found it but couldn't remember my login (turns out it was an old e-mail address I haven't used in ages) but I kept trying and trying cause I kept telling my friends "there's this band I used to really like and I can't remember the name but they're really really good and their logo picture is in a laundromat" but I really wanted to find you guys so I could show them so I kept trying and finally got logged back in today! Only to find out that you guys aren't together anymore??? WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT???????? May 23
  • Endless Walk said:
    god u guys R.O.C.K! come back ! "i cant describe what its like to be sad! " Aug 14
  • skybaby03 said:
    Luv ur music. Wish you guys would get back together and come out with some new music. Anyway, hope all is well. Skky-"Jaded Little RazorBlade"- Jul 29
  • barbarienne. said:
    I miss you guys. :( Jul 23
  • believemevergie. said:
    you guys FUCKIN RULE. Apr 03
  • SRWitty said:
    Mortgage is Bank fuckin rules!!! I seen you guys play at Knickerbockers in Lincoln, NE. Awesome show. Peace! Mar 12
  • Sarasara said:
    Goddd I'm so addicted to New Way To Dance..you guys are awesome xxX Feb 25
  • EvilEngland666 said:
    let me download new way to dance, i can\'t find it anywhere! Oct 18
  • EvilEngland666 said:
    let me download new way to dance, i can\'t find it anywhere! Oct 18
  • xXxIneedafuckinghobbiexXx said:
    yes first comment! Keep up your awesome sound! Hope you get some major fame! Nov 23
  • NJBASSKAT said:
    i\'ll comment because i\'m a nice girl! i really like your music, and your fanbase shows how great you are but, why aren\'t you signed? anyways, stay cool and keep rockin\'! - kandy Oct 01
  • firefly_k7 said:
    Wel you ppl rule Jul 27
  • surrealpistol4u said:
    You guys rock, please come out with another CD soon. Jul 17
  • said:
    Mwyahahahha. My friends cousin was your tour managerrr =] Jul 02

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