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  • sporkofradical said:
  • manda717 <3 said:
    Add Comment here... May 01
  • jmelin said:
    heyy. i love your music [: Apr 21
  • jonnie said:
    wow... THE Killers. I\'m not worthy of this experiience. jkjk lol yaya u know u\'re amazing! \"We\'re all the same and love is blind the sun is gone before it shines.\" Apr 18
  • said:
    Brandon Flowers is HOT! ily yalls music is great. Apr 17
  • xXsaklothfashnXx said:
    add mr. brightside to ur playlist plz... Apr 15
  • ..*//-Whatsername28-//*.. said:
    hey, you guys rock, i love your music, you should get some more osngs up here, like mr. brightside, i love that song!! Apr 09
  • girl_named_nothing11 said:
    the killers are awesome Apr 08
  • backstagekisses said:
    I have been there for you since day one! you guys are so good i can listen to you anytime and any mood my mom even likes you guys weird but no its tight she ballin Apr 03
  • Red.[Headed].Rocker.7 said:
    you guys should add more songs=) love Mar 29
  • ronald soto pop culture said:
    the killers is such a great band please put more songs in here they are totally cool Mar 25
  • mmmblackcherrysodayum said:
    love your sound, i liked that Lineage II vid u did a way back keep it up! Mar 24
  • Fractured Heart said:
    You need to add Mr. Brightside. Awesome song!! Mar 21
  • shudduptorrr said:
    Add Comment here... Mar 17
  • Primal Enemy 14 said:
    Hey you guys rock! Another good band is PRIMAL ENEMY at purevolume.com/primalenemy Mar 14
  • Angel of Your Nightmare said:
    i love you guys......i play your cds 24/7 and then some(which is not possible,but still)< 3 you guys foreva! Mar 13
  • said:
    the killers are the best now matter waht any one says tehy are the best!!!!! Mar 09
  • I Cause Cancer said:
    !!! Put Bones On Here!!! Get More Songss!! lol.. Mar 05
  • 4everamusicfan said:
    i loved your austin city llimits performance i Mar 03
  • catatonic sex toy said:
    Add Comment here... Mar 02