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The JV Allstars


Genres: Pop Punk / Powerpop / Rock

Location: Lincoln, NE

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4 tracks

Members: Mikey, Nick, Eric, Matty

Okay here, let's keep this simple: we are four very good friends that write music and tour together. We have three singers and think screaming is kind of lame-core. :) we are on tour RIGHT NOW, so check our "shows" and see if we are coming your way!
Most of the songs above are from TAKE ME BACK TO SPECTRE. our brand new CD, released independently here in the states, and through Trolley Bus Records in JAPAN.

buying stuff:

take me back to spectre

buy at the itunes store

mailorder with paypal

girls forget your boys

buy at the itunes store

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limited edition zoom!!! sampler

only available if you

mailorder with paypal.

We've toured all over the united states, and we would love to play in your town. You can email us for booking at jvallstars@gmail.com.

add us on myspace. :)


  • chopsy61 said:
    thats why I'm proud to have hung otu with them :D Jun 28
  • Nightbright said:
    JVA. your rad. just sayin Apr 26
  • Lainey!KillerSonn. said:
    I miss you kids, Come home! :] Jul 06
  • vegas_on_acid said:
    loves. mega. Jun 14
  • amandarae. said:
    [: awesome stuff. May 15
  • said:
    hey i remember u from irving middle school, when u guys came to help us with the band. thanx guys. btw luv the music Mar 27
  • megs :] said:
    you guys rock! i love your music! :) Feb 28
  • abbielovesTHMDK said:
    you guys have badassness Feb 28
  • HaayyMariel(: said:
    Wow, I just found you guys lol, you guys are pretty good. Hope you make more songs! Dec 25
  • winterFR3$H (to deathh). said:
    i digg you. Sep 25
  • winterFR3$H (to deathh). said:
    i digg you. Sep 25
  • markacena1-2 said:
    someone rilly has to download this on myspace >__ May 08
  • allana said:
    you guys are so amazing! Frost Bitten Twice Shy is my favorite, will it ever go back on the playlist? May 08
  • Zoolander said:
    you guys are freaking awesome... if you are ever showing close to me im going asap Apr 27
  • something_special said:
    You guys are awesome, I have been a fan since u started and you guys have developed into such a wonderful band and have expanded ur music so much! So cool that u are from Lincoln, nobody ever give us enough credit here! Thanks for proving the people that there is more to NE then corn, cows, and farms! Apr 27

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