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Genres: Ska / Ska

Location: Ajax, ON

Stats: 128 fans / 14,233 plays / 6 plays today






Members: Rene Gillezeau, Jarek Hardy, Brent Marks, Ryan Long, Julian Warmé

The Johnstones formed in 2002 and hail from ajax/pickering Ontario. After they developed there sound they began to start busting moves. It can safely be said that they are objectively the best band in the world, and are very very (very) buff. They usually spend most of there time in the gym lifting massive amounts of weights, except for René who's strength is entirely "au natural". They are currently circulating the southern Ontario retirement home circuit and have played with acts like; rita mcneil, Michael Bolton, and tom Jones. In addition The Johnstones are also really smart and cool.

Watch for the Johnstones debut album: WHAT THE ROSSTEK!?

Keep it reel everyone.


  • torii said:
    love you guyys Dec 21
  • PureZephyr said:
    Sweet another awsome canadian band!! Keep up the awsome songs guys!!!!!! Feb 29
  • isgiveachance000 said:
    :D Nov 07
  • MiissAlyana said:
    you guy\'s are like really hot Jul 29
  • MiissAlyana said:
    i luv your music especially gone for so long l8r Jul 29
  • s.t.i.c.k.s.&.s.t.o.n.e.s. said:
    heyy guys! i was at the show you played @ dior lounge. it honestly rocked my socks.. anywayys, i bought your cd and you guys all signed it, and then i fucking lost in on the way home. i was swearing a blue streak in the subway station and luckily it was 2am so i didn\'t scar any young children for life or nothing like that.. and yeah, i didn\'t get to skank as much as i wouldve liked to, cuz all the dumb fucks push and beat your fucking face in while you\'re trying to skank. fucking haters. haha. so i will probably have to buy another cd and get you boys to sign it.. again. which sucks because.. frankly i don\'t like buying things twice that i only need once. ohhh and put up sunny days on pv!! fuck, this comment is really fucking long. but.. i dont really care.. anyways see you guys at your next show!! Dec 22
  • karkarbeep said:
    YOU ARE SO FUCKING AWSOME!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! are yall single? Dec 21
  • karkarbeep said:
    you are so fucking awsome...and hot :D Dec 12
  • Real Men Listen To Death Grind said:
    Add Comment here... Nov 07
  • M3L said:
    Hello Guys :P I saw you at VAns warped tour in montreal and you really impressed me! I love your kind of music and your personal style. oh and your singer is very cute ;) anyway ... Keep it Real and have fun guys ! xx Sep 27
  • XxXcunt*whoreXxX said:
    and i so love you all Jun 15
  • MakeSweetLovex said:
    So Like I am going to your show tonight.. and i plan to like touch you and stuff Apr 07
  • MakeSweetLovex said:
    i love you guys!!! i like go to your shows and feel you up Mar 12

What the Rosstek!?!

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