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The Ineloquent


Genres: Christian / Rock / Acoustic

Location: Boulder, CO

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4 tracks

Members: Daniel (Vocals/Guitars), Georgiana (Vocals/Keys), Pablo (Guitar/Drums/Percussion)

Seeing Things Your Way

Booking Information:

To set up a concert please contact Daniel(at)theineloquent(dot)com or call (303)513-0830

The Ineloquent exists to give glory to God, to encourage and challenge the universal church and to share the Gospel of God's love with a world in need. The Ineloquent believes that any abilities they have or messages they bring forth are not their own, but come from God and are to be used for His glory. Without God in their lives, they have nothing to say. That is why they call themselves Ineloquent. The name was inspired by the story of Moses and his encounter with God in Exodus 3-4, especially 4:10-12. Here is the history of The Ineloquent:

Daniel Eakins grew up in Boulder, Colorado playing the French Horn. In high school he began writing and singing, and it didn't take long for him to realize that playing the French Horn and singing didn't go together very well so he picked up a guitar and hasn't looked back since. He continued to write and perform occasionally as a solo artist, but it wasn't until 2002 that he found his missing piece - in a girl named Georgiana Dobrovat from Concord, California. Georgiana was born in Bacau, Romania and moved to California when she was 5 years old after the fall of Communism. She grew up playing the piano and singing in the shower but never imagined she'd be making a life of it. Daniel and Georgiana met at Emmaus Bible College in Dubuque, Iowa and immediately saw something in each other. They both shared a passion for music and a passion for serving Jesus, so they began writing music and leading worship together.

In 2003, Daniel and Georgiana released their first EP under the name Contrite with pianist Luke Gray. Two years later, the band joined forces with Gregory Tanacea (bass) and Chris Peterson (drums) and Contrite released their second CD entitled Gravity.

2006 brought many changes, including a name change from Contrite to Ineloquent and the addition of guitar player Pablo Calderon, a Puerto Rico native who came to Dubuque from Houston, TX. Pablo, a bass player by trade, originally joined the band to play drums when drummer CP stepped down, but when CP returned it left Pablo in limbo. At a rehearsal, Pablo picked up the electric guitar and began playing. It sounded good to the rest of the group so they told him he should try playing guitar for the band. He responded with a statement like "I don't know how to play the guitar" to which the band replied, "You'll learn". He did. Pablo recorded a few new songs with the band and they released their first CD under the name Ineloquent, also entitled Gravity. 2006 also brought opportunities to play with Caedmon's Call and to compete as finalists in the Exalting Him national talent search.

With 2007 came the resignation of Gregory, who had not only played bass for 2 years but had engineered and helped produce all their music to date. Isaac Elgard (Ike), a college friend from Minneapolis, MN stepped in to fill gap, bringing with him exceptional talent on bass and guitar. At the end of the year, CP also resigned and the remaining band members relocated to Minneapolis to begin recording the new CD. The Ineloquent spent the winter recording at IPR (The Institute of Production & Recording) where Ike was in school.

In 2008 The Ineloquent spent the year touring and promoting the new CD, Seeing Things Your Way, which released in October. In November, Daniel and Georgiana moved to Boulder, Colorado to continue ministry there. Daniel, Georgiana and Pablo are currently the active members of The Ineloquent and plan to spend most of 2009 touring. Ministry, encouragement, challenge and evangelism remain at the heart of what they hope to accomplish in the future.

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  • justallgrace said:
    the music and vocals are beautiful. completely blessed. hope youguys get booked somewhere in indiana (: Jun 17
  • Shadowen7 said:
    Just let the girl sing, she has a great voice Mar 25
  • xImCOOlikethatx7292 said:
    you guys are amazing, keep it up.=] Jan 26
  • melroy said:
    i totally know what you mean about \"christian\" being totally watered down... it\'s sad... Dec 01
  • Carsonification said:
    I love your music!!! I ve only recently listened to your songs but it just feels as if God has his anointing on your music and it really inspires me! thanx Dec 01
  • Jesusmyhomboy said:
    AHH i wanna come see you guys when your in middletown.. is it like a privet concert or open to the public? Sep 18
  • your number one said:
    you guys should come up to minnesota and like help like teach my band or something i mean not for a long time but give us some pointers or something cuz thatd be cool Sep 09
  • LOTR! 317 said:
    I saw you all in concert, you opened for Cademon\'s Call. The show was great...keep up the good work! Aug 11
  • ask_and_recieve said:
    Hey I like your songs, really cool. Keep up the good work. Jul 27
  • devastate_baker said:
    Add Comment here... Jun 29
  • Lil_Hiller said:
    i dig your sound! Jun 20
  • Elizabeth said:
    Add Comment here... Jun 17
  • AvengingIvy said:
    Greetings!, This is one of the few comments I have ever written to a band. I must say, Fantastic song writing, I love the flow mood and style. I am a huge fan of your vocals Georgiana, Also to whoever did your recording, and production: CUDOS! Side note: I believe your talent is purely yours, and not some devine influence playing through your fingers... inspired by an idea of god, sure. why not. we all have our inspirations. So to that one person who wrote: \"i love it when u can tell a bands christ likes\".... WHATEVER BRO, I praise your talents, not your religion. If you\'re up for a debate.. Give me a shout AvengingIvy@hotmail.com Purevolume.com/Avengingivy PS. Thanks for the friend invite. Jun 08
  • Livin4thelord333 said:
    Hey guys, I love your guys sound. Very soothing plus the lyrics are awesome. Thanks for you obedience to the Everlasting Kingdom. If I can, I\'ll pick up the EP. God bless In Christ Jacob (Livin4thelord333) May 25
  • FourCornersCafe said:
    You really have the hand of God on your band. There\'s more to your music than just talent and skill, there\'s God. You can feel His Presence just visiting the website. I\'m proud of Ineloquent for being so openly blatant about Who they choose to serve. I\'ve seen way to many bands try and \"sneak\" the message of God\'s love into their music by making the Christian part of their band only viewable to those who really look hard, and there\'s a place for that, but we need more bands like you guys. I hope that this e-mail encourages you somewhat, because I really don\'t feel like I can say enough. I pray God blesses you totally beyond everything that you could have ever imagined! If you ever want a show in DE, let me know. I\'d be glad to hook you up at Four Corners Cafe! May 24

Seeing Things Your Way

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