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The Imagine


Genres: Screamo / Experimental / Hardcore

Location: Poughkeepsie, NY

Stats: 258 fans / 17,541 plays / 22 plays today






Members: Joe(Vocals), Justin(Guitar/Vocals), Vic(Guitar), Mike(Bass), Joe(Drums)

Welcome to The Imagine's Purevolume Page! We have a whole new lineup and we are in the process of writing a new EP entitled "For Those Who Failed, We Prevail". We are keeping up the songs from the old EP "Perfections Is A Myth", though we won't be playing them live. Unmastered songs will be up soon!

Bands We Have Played With:
The Sleeping (Victory Records)
Kitty Little (Art Of The Underground Records)
Folly (Triple Crown Records)
Invocation Of Nehek (Prosthetic Records)
I Am The End (Noise Bleed Records)
My Bitter End (Uprising Records)
Fight Paris (Trustkill Records)
Buried Inside (Relapse Records)
The Concubine (Corrosive Records)
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza (Corrosive Records)
The Classic Struggle (Metal Blade Records)
Anyone But You (Tragic Records)
Across Five Aprils (Indianola Records)
Calico System (Eulogy Recordings)
The Burning Season (Hand Of Hope Records)
GODS (Hand Of Hope Records)
The Receiving End Of Sirens (Triple Crown Records)
Scary Kids Scaring Kids (Immortal Records)
Albert React (Counterintelligence Records)
Two Thirds Of The Stars (Stella Vista Records)
Flashlight Arcade (On The Rise Records)
Endwell (Victory Records)
Into The Moat (Metal Blade Records)
Thumbscrew (Counterintelligence Recordings)
From A Second Story Window (Black Market Activities)
Casket Architects (Glacial Records)
Anitlove (Audio Deprived Records)
The Auburn System (Five Point Records)
The Nicaea Room (Hold True Recordings)
Waking Judea (Paper Street Records)
What Once Was (Endera Records)
Converge (Epitaph Records)
Shai Hulud (Revelation Records)
Darkest Hour (Victory Records)
The Red Chord (Metal Blade Records)
Boysetsfire (Equal Vision Records)
100 Demons (Goodlife Records)
Walls Of Jericho (Trustkill Records)
Municipal Waste (Earache Records)
Nora (Trustkill Records)
Robots And Empire (Glacial Records)
Nerve Gas Tragedy (Spook City Records)
Thenumber12lookslikeyou (Eyeball Records)
Modern Life Is War (Deathwish Records)
With Honor (Victory Records)
The Banner (Ferret Records)
The Distance (Bridge Nine Records)
Subzero (Stillborn Records)
Zombie Apocolyspe (Indecision Records)
The Blackout Pact (Astro Magnetics Records)
Mabus (Glacial Records)
Time Of Cholera (Dance Face Records)
Ligeia (Ferret Records)
The Divining (Dressed To Kill Records)
Cannae (Prosthetic Records)



Perfection Is A Myth

Jul 23, 2005


Perth Amboy, NJ


Svalbard and Jan Mayen

Recover Records Tim Lay

Northridge, CA

c-los is me

Papalote, TX

Anthony The Hardcore Drummer

Melbourne, Australia


Iquique, Chile

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