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The Horizon of a Dream

"Her Beautiful Godless Universe" released (FREE!)


Genres: Experimental / Electronic / Folk

Location: Kutztown, PA

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4 tracks

Members: Chris Romans - All instrumentation, composition, and vocals

The Horizon of a Dream is a musical project that was created after I saw the movie Avatar in 3D. The movie in and of itself was enjoyable, but the exotic landscape and overall enchanting beauty inspired me to create ambient/electronic music; however mix it with other musical concepts such as post-rock, neo folk, and black metal. My music will inevitably be very diverse, as my music interests are very diverse. In some songs you may stumble upon an upbeat melody mixed with poppy electronica lines, and in the next you may stumble on a progressive neo-folk/ambient song. In a way, I desire for all of my music to work together like a film score. Some sections of a film are dark and sad, while others just the opposite. Thematically, much of my lyrics have to do with love, death, suicide, and nature. Pantheism would ultimately be a way I would define my music, as I desire for their to be a very heavy atmosphere and almost spiritual experience occurring as an individual listens.

In 2010 I released my demo "In the Ocean on the Moon." In August 2011 I released my newest album "Her Beautiful Godless Universe."