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The Honour Recital


Genres: Rock / Punk / Pop

Location: South Bend, IN

Stats: 767 fans / 147,676 plays / 24 plays today






Members: Matt - Aaron - Mark - Josh - Tim

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What people are saying about The Honour Recital:

"The smooth vocals and catchy lyrics will have you singing along while the instruments will have you dancing to the beat. Do your ears a favor and listen." - Screaming For Music

#5 Unsigned Band in the World! - Alternative Press Magazine

"The songs and the big choruses give [listeners] that classic 80s Hair Metal/LA Glamrock idea [with an] updated modern approach. The Love of Gold Fades with Sinking Ships sounds like a mix between 80s POISON and PRETTY BOY FLOYD with its deadly catchy chorus and strong guitarwork." - Strutter Magazine

"If this band doesn't get you dancing, nobody will. Check out Save a Dance and shake your junk." - FleeingtheScene.com

"THE HONOUR RECITAL lets loose a full arsenal onslaught of gold spun cannon shots on 'Make You Move' and sink every one-eyed, wooden legged pirate trying to steal away their masterfully crafted songs that interweave all of the best eras of rock: the 70's dual guitars, the 80's arena rock anthem, the 90's "touch of punk" tude and of course the new millennium's twist on all these genres. A&R from labels across the world [will be] hunting The Honour Recital down to sign them to a major label development deal...lookout...it's coming soon and when it does, it's gonna 'Make You Move.'" - Free CD Review

"It's about time that an in your face band like this came along and didn't scream at me. This was catchy, a bit harder, but boy did they put on a great show. They did everything right including ending their set and leaving you wanting more. The hardest thing for me to believe is that these guys don't already have a record deal. This is without a doubt the next band to break so keep your eyes open and do yourself a favor and catch them live in your area when they come." - AllAgesZine.com


Daniel R. Friedman

Josh Ragsdale


  • bruccinnim said:
    Check out www.purevolume.com/bruccinni May 23
  • JJKJE said:
    plz check out http://www.purevolume.com/darkloud and tell us what you think. If you like it then become a fan and give us one more reason to write music May 13
  • alyxAlternative said:
    Now that you guys broke up, you should put on all your songs and make them downloadable (; Mar 21
  • said:
    Omg !!! love them !!!! Sep 13
  • said:
    god i hate it when good bands break up :p Aug 01
  • antixskip said:
    :[ i\'m very sorry to hear that you guys broke up. you were pretty amazing. I wish you all the best of luck. i love you guys. :] Feb 21
  • .:HeatherHeroine13:. said:
    OMG I love you guys and I miss you guys oh so much!!!! How are you guys doing in the music world now a days!!! ♥ Heather Dec 17
  • stefielikewoah said:
    i loveyou Nov 13
  • SneakInMyWindow said:
    you guys rocked in highland:) Nov 09
  • Awiee its Amanda (: said:
    Psh.. saw you guys at the Hartland Performing Arts Center last night. You were amazing.. thanks for trying to sneak me and my friends in from the back. Im basically in love with you all. ; ) Oct 22
  • The Astronomist said:
    You Guys were so good last night! Rock On! Oct 22
  • Buttons said:
    Hey boys! Long time no see. Let me know when your next show is. I\'ll definitely be there. I miss all of you. And A2ron, call me some time. We need to go out to lunch or something and catch up on life. Are you boys going to Timm Erk\'s Halloween party? I might be there. A2ron, seriously, call me bitch. Oct 16
  • fueledbytunes said:
    amazinggggg Sep 24
  • luckyone said:
    you guys are amazing. i really think so. ill send you some money for a new van so you can come see me!! Sep 06
  • gina marie francesca said:
    you guys are so fucking rad like whoa. you need to come to rochester new york. & ♥ ; Aug 23

Make You Move

Oct 04, 2005

Beginning to the End

Jun 08, 2003

2-Song Demo

No release date


Canal Street, NY

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Camden, NJ


St. John's, NL

Rodger Sergio

Manchester, United Kingdom

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Caerdydd, United Kingdom

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