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Genres: Rock / Indie

Location: Brisbane, Australia

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  • spencermon said:
    Your music is really something easy to listen to and its fun and funny and just funtastic. Fun. you should let us download some of it. :) Mar 07
  • MikaylaaRawr!(: said:
    You Guys Are Prettyy Awesumm! (: Apr 30
  • MikaylaaRawr!(: said:
    You Guys Are Prettyy Awesumm! (: Apr 30
  • burnthewitch said:
    ! please come to the US. :] Apr 11
  • sonic candy said:
    so, i kinda really needed to say that you guys are super, your music is rad, and you should come tour in the us (; it would be fantastic. Dec 17
  • MelDolly said:
    Hey guys, I really love your music. You had a concert up in Brisbane not too long ago and I was guttered I couldn't go. My friend apparently was the photographer for the show and he said he was going to be allowed to go backstage and possibly meet you guys-I was so jealous. Anyway love the music, I have both 'The Ouch. The Touch.' and 'Gravity Won't Get You High' and I love them both. My year 8 music teacher introduced me to you guys back in '05 for examples for our music assignment. She used 'Nothing Sir' first off. I hope to get your newest album and all your other singles I may not have asap. They're on my list. Anyway, you guys really are great and I wish I could have seen you in concert. It would have been wicked. Dec 09
  • john said:
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  • RoxyWriter said:
    I've read a book called 'She's With The Band' by Georcia Clark and in it is a song calles 'Seek Me' by the Grates. Now I'm not sure if that's you guys, but you guys came up, I listened to one of your songs (outside, inside) and got hooked INSTANTLY! You REALLY rock!! Jun 04
  • Brokensocialboy said:
    Gravity Won't Get You High is amazing. Got me into indie. Mar 25
  • marypoprock said:
    so i was just browsing and for some odd reason i just had to click on you guys and OMG orgasim in my ears :P i love you guys. love. Dec 10
  • gunsxforxpassion said:
    you guys are way epic...keep writing and i\'ll keep listening...plus i like the \"im better that u\" sound Jun 22
  • said:
    you make me smile. no joke. i love you. May 16
  • matuto said:
    parece cinica! Apr 08
  • Rokfloggingmolly said:
    nice tunes, rock on Feb 01
  • said:
    hey! u guys rock! so different! ur getting lotsa itune downloads from me! woo!! anyway that was random, c ya! xx millie Jan 14

The Ouch. The Touch

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