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  • sydneywidebathrooms said:
    very nice Nov 05
  • Rainy said:
    beauty cover... Sep 19
  • ellen! said:
    you guys are gooooood. Aug 14
  • Jankhe M said:
    Love love love!~ Feb 24
  • Zlo said:
    i luv u guys so much !!! Dec 18
  • Silverfang2340 said:
    Your music is some of the most intricate I've ever heard. Awesome band, I love promoting you guys Oct 30
  • Andreaa :D said:
    I love you guys (: Jul 16
  • Tyler Fortune said:
    Hey guys! I'm Tyler Fortune for Breathe Atlantic and I'm from Great Falls, Montana! You guys should totally check out my music. Add yourself as a fan if you like it! Thanks :) http://www.purevolume.com/breatheatlantic Jul 13
  • deathcore_532 said:
    dude guys you are awsome keep going dont break up Jun 29
  • Ijhrael Of [Shock At Summer] said:
    Hello Friends !! Download the free song on http://www.purevolume.com/ShockAtSummer Regards .. and enjoy it Jun 18
  • Morgann said:
    Love ur music Apr 23
  • Fernanda Naitzki said:
    perfect band ♥ Apr 06
  • Kasey! said:
    i was just searching for music to buy on itunes and your album came up in suggested music. i clicked it because the album art looked really cool :) ahahh but yeah long story short, i found you guys by luck:) and ill be sure to tell people about you, you guys are awesome!! Mar 11
  • lymairie said:
    u guys are awesome Feb 12
  • Jess said:
    my favorites :) Feb 12
  • Spanish Green Eyes said:
    Beautiful (= Dec 27
  • kenzieecaaam said:
    loveeeeee you guys! Dec 16
  • fAlLiNg NeVa FeLt sO gOoD said:
    U GUYS ARE GOOD Nov 18
  • AirBearAttacks! said:
    shweeet Oct 21
  • amanda said:
    I LOVE YOU guys *------------* your song is amazing xxx Sep 06