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The Gilded Spade


Genres: Indie / Rock / Emo

Location: Oshkosh, WI

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Members: Chad, Tim, & Evan

Every song is a journey. Every melody, a path to go down to find a story. Tune in and delve into each song- each chapter that tells its own tale. The Gilded Spade's youthful attitude and dedication to bringing out the emotion in their music shines through in every song. A group that was thrusted into being by happenstance is now demo-ing a handful of songs to see what the future holds in store. Follow along as TGS completes their first set of demos! New blogs, pics, studio footage, live videos, performance dates, and finished tracks will be added frequently, so check back often!!!
"Music is about expression. Too often in modern music, the ideals of expression get lost in translation from the artist's mind to the listener's ear. It's really not up to the audience if a song's meaning goes overlooked. Therefore, resting solely on the performer is the burden of making sure the true emotional undertone of a song comes through. As simple as this sounds, it's a rarity to find a young act in the music scene that truly holds this responsibility in high regard and captures the listener's attention. Whether it be joy, sorrow, anticipation, fear, anger, or a tongue-in-cheek whim that wants you to smile, you should feel the song-- not just hear it. It can't be a thoughtless blur of notes and words. TGS combines praise-worthy arrangements with expressive lyrics and tasteful vocal melodies and harmonies delivered impressively with style and grace. At its infancy (and show-casing only acoustic demos), the group has begun shaping an instrumental arsenal that includes piano, a slew of guitar work, an impressive use of percussion, cello, and layers of organ and keyboard work. The depth of musical knowledge becomes evident in listening to the detailed instrumentation. Confessing a lyrical array that touches on many angles of life, TGS's Chad Johnson keeps a relatable dialect while laying out a scene for you to emerge yourself in."
-Trevor Wells, A&R
"Too often we'll run into young writers who have a beautiful picture to paint, but hit one of the negative ends of the spectrum with lyrics. Either they keep a simple-minded clutter of four letter words or they try to sound too witty and end up confusing their message to all of us who don't listen to our iPod's with a thesaurus & dictionary at hand. The Gilded Spade lyrics are as poetic and honest as the instrumentation that drives every line. Black and white is boring and intangible. Chad has found the ever-so important grey area in our language. We don't quite speak like he writes, but most of us wish we could."
- Angela Giles

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