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The Gets


Genres: Acoustic / Indie / Rock

Location: Dallas, TX

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4 tracks

Members: Jeremiah Current; Jason Gibson; Andy Midthune; David Falkstein

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Imagine gliding on the wind in a kaleidoscope sky with your own special parade of garden gnomes dancing, singing, and giggling behind you. While surfacing on the horizon is a unique sense of the unknown yet every inch of the universe combines well enough through this spectrum to restore confidence in each step you take closer to inner-self peace and happiness....and since you're there, say hello to THE GETS!!

The Gets is an innovated original (rock/acoustic; indie; experimental) band based out of Dallas, TX that's complied with all the natural intuitions to facilitate the heart desires. What is meant by this is that - The Gets possesses the correct proportions of the three major ingredients: talent, charisma, and of course a witty sense of humor.

If you're overly tired of the stagnate music scene, then why not let The Gets illuminate those dormant senses within your ever so precious and intelligent inner self.
The Gets would very much enjoy and treasure such an opportunity.

Peace and Love be with you all,
And.....get into THE GETS!!!!




Oct 02, 2012

The Gets

Sep 01, 2010