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The Gallery

New album "Restless" out now!


Genres: Rock / Folk / Indie

Location: Hollywood, CA

Stats: 480 fans / 30,518 plays / 85 plays today





4 tracks

Members: Brendan, Ryan, Dave & Ben

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The Gallery's hook-laden rock songs combine a mix of mainstream appeal and professionalism with indie cred and likeability. Their brand of guitar-driven, southern-infused pop rock blurs the lines between authenticity and commerciality, producing songs that are refined and disarmingly catchy. A subtly biting guitar sound, simple, road-worn lyricism and consistently sharp musicianship transform their tracks into instantly memorable pop gems you don't want out of your head.

The foursome, Brendan Cooney (lead vocals/guitar), Ryan Cooney (drums), Dave Mozdzanowski (bass/bg vocals) and Shea Brennan (lead guitar) have maintained their hometown fan base in New England, while building a similar following in Southern Florida, where they resided for three years. In 2009, the band set out on the road for their first national tour - a full 50 dates across 25 different states. Since then, they've expanded their fan base across the country, playing shows from Florida to Washington and California to Massachusetts. In the past six months alone, the band has performed with such well-known acts as Rooney, The Maine and We the Kings. The Gallery takes pride in sharing their music and passion with fans at live shows. It's not hard to see or hear why.

Beneath The Gallery's mainstream veneer is an unexpected lyrical maturity that transcends the group's young age. They explore the spaces between growing up and following dreams, and between falling in and out of love, writing songs that are both meaningful and instantly relatable. This fall, the band recorded five new songs with producer Warren Huart (Aerosmith, The Fray, Augustana) at Swing House Studios in Hollywood. From the catchy hooks of "Catalyst" to the thought-provoking lyrics of "Who's in the Right" and the haunting melodies of "Ballroom of Broken Hearts," the new tracks reveal a band expanding and sharpening its sound. Keep an eye out for tour dates and an exciting year in 2011.


"Sound: Big, shout-along choruses and bluesy guitar breakdowns. Singer Brendan Cooney grew up on nineties rock, but gravitated toward legends like Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and Bob Dylan." - Rolling Stone

"These Western Massachusetts natives take honest, straight-ahead rock'n'roll back to its jangling roots. Miss the days when Tom Petty ruled the chart? So do these guys, but they're giving some pretty good hope of reviving the Great American Rock Band." - AOL Spinner

"Muscular guitars with a heartland edge, combined with overflowing hooks and harmonies, make The Gallery's five-song EP a gut-kicking trip of sheer rockin' splendor." - The Springfield Republican

"Straight ahead American rock'n'roll that fans of Tom Petty will adore." - New Times Broward Palm Beach

"Come Alive is a stripped down rock anthem with a folkinsh twist... The songs themselves are a breath of resh air, infused with a nostalgic sense of raw emotion." - Stereo Subversion

"Come Alive is a near flawless showcase of pop rock with an americana twist." - The Album Project

"They simply write great pop songs with an indie college flair." - Kings of A&R

"Restless" released: February 26, 2013
"Come Alive" EP released: February 22, 2011
"Island Road" EP released: April 6, 2010
"If You Know What I Mean" released: August 12th, 2008
Self-titled EP released: June 15th, 2007


  • Ashley said:
    You guys are amazing! (: Dec 18
  • Mikaila said:
    I voted for you on the AOL Rolling Stones thing!! Great music! Feb 22
  • stephster said:
    great music guys:] btw may 7th i just might be able to hit up key club. we'll see though! Apr 22
  • Almost Gone said:
    Amazing. (: Nov 09
  • leckss said:
    brilliant, simply brilliant . Oct 25
  • delaney said:
    Please come to kansas Sep 14
  • Craig Inzana said:
    Great songs. Great band. I think I just fell in love with the random band thing on this site. Aug 13
  • Shakin' Blake said:
    life is strange is wicked awsome Aug 10
  • Nikki said:
    Gahhh, you dont go on your aims anymore. but your comming to ct. yesss! Jul 26
  • joethemieden said:
    Love Fell Through is amazing! Nate Claggett showed it to me, and I was estatic to hear it was on purevolume; I heard you're going on tour with Showbread too. I can't wait to hear more from you guys. I knew there was something special here when Nate showed me "More than a Kiss" a couple years ago. Jul 15
  • tatum ! said:
    the circus song made my day - wait no, strike that, my week. lovelovelove you guys. Mar 17
  • kathleenface said:
    ahhh, so i got like A song from you boys off the blue duck records sampler thing and fell in loveee. thanks oodles for changing my life and what not. :) Jan 02
  • Sydney said:
    I like that you guys don't sound like everything else that I'm listening to. The rhythms and melodies aren't expected but they pair up with the lyrics well. Different is spectacular when done like with skill, and there is definitely skill here. Dec 31
  • ♥Ãłę×îş♫ said:
    I luvyour songs! You guys are totally ah-mazing Aug 28
  • $ ™ M A L Y . said:
    wooo massachusetts!!!! im there ;D I love your songssss Aug 18


Feb 26, 2013

Come Alive

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Island Road EP

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